cops can be such assholes

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. hey bladez,
    sometimes when i get blazed, i like to watch 'cops'. it's usually on some tv station during the day like court tv, or tbs, or upn.
    anyways, the cops pulled this dude over for something. they searched him and found an empty beer can in the floor board so they charged him with possession of an open container in a vehicle. i was like wtf? the can is fucking empty
  2. That means he drank it lol.... and you cant drive with any kind of open alchy in your car man
  3. did you see the one were they arrested the girl for a roach. and did you see the one wer ethey tackled the fuck out the guy because he had couldnt get on the ground because he had a broken knee. the blindsided the guy....cops...........:mad:

  4. he wasn't drunk, he had not been drinking recently. it was just an empty beer can that he left in his car.
  5. I saw one where these dudes were throwin pounds of PCP out of their window, Big zips full of light yellow powder.
    lol, who the heck buys pounds of pcp??
  6. people who are looking to sell pounds of pcp

  7. fixed.
  8. i like the weed ones, where they try to explain weed and shit. and they arrest some guy for a gram of weed and it is shitty and they get ripped off, and they are like, man he hooked me up with some dank too dumbass this shit will fuck you up. i just want to stab them sometimes. sometimes they are funny though
  9. I saw this one cops when some guy robbed a circle K or some shit like tht and cops were running to find him and they found this house where this guy was growing Bud and He had like and Ounce drying n shit
  10. lol its funny to watch it blazed cuz they get caught with so much stash and ur like ohhhh man i wish i had that much lol
  11. Some fuckin G's for sure..

    Anyways. I watch cops all the time. Nothings on during that time except all thoes bullshit fake divource court shows or whatever.

    I was thinking.. I've yet to see a cops or any video where someone actually gets away from the cops..

  12. Well, Cops is all about glorifying the police, so they never show when they mess up.
  13. oh, that one with the tank in california, or nevada..wherever that was.. they couldnt stop him for awhile.

    I want to see some Drug Lord buy a F1 car or somethin getin a huge chase.. then get away
  14. I have it set to record on my TiVO and I watch it all the fuckin time. The cops, for the most part, are a bunch of fuckin pricks.

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