cops at the apartment.

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  1. So me and my friend decided making a zombie movie would be sweet.
    But when we are high we come up with dumb ass ideas and never follow through...
    We once tried to be like ghostbusters and even made a web site...

    But we actually followed through with this.
    So last night we had 10 people running around. 6 with fake cuts and bruises all of them with lots of fake blood and the others with like 2 guns each.
    So we were running around filming and pretending to kill them.
    So them we went to a lake to film so we backed my car with 10 people.
    2 in the front, 5 in the back and one in the trunk.
    With all the air soft guns (wich are illegal in my town)
    So I am sketching out a bit.

    Aftwards I dropped off a few people so it just 1 person in the front and 3 in the back.
    But wen we get back to by friends apartment, there are 2 cop cars in front anbd we filp shit.
    Like, we have tons of air soft guns in the car and some dumb ass brought a sword.

    So we keep going and park somewhere else and walk to the apartment.

    Turns out someone called the cops on someone else
    but it was fucking scary as hell for a minute
  2. did you ever post the movie?
  3. it isn't done yet.
    But I totally will!
    maybe I will try and post a scene or two
  4. heres a pic of a few of our extras.
    make up by me.

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  5. haha nice man, looking forward to seeing it
  6. haha sounds good
  7. lmfao at the kid wih sword
  8. ...looooooooooooooooool

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