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Cops and Social Networking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalplusweed, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Curious because I know a couple of friends that talk business through the internet and I point out how risky that is. They say it's illegal for a cop or undercover to contact you through sites like facebook. Im calling bullshit on that, on the principle that cops have done just as fucked up things before...


    Can a cop or undercover contact you through social networking? Anybody know of their rights on this. also are they allowed to text or call you?

    I think it is STUPID to conduct any business that isnt in person or over the phone
  2. they can do anything they want
  3. Im not sure how that would be illegal
  4. I have a friend whose father is a cop, and they use it.
  5. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']Im not sure how that would be illegal[/quote]

    Does that even matter anymore?
  6. yes, the case would be thrown out in court and the police department would have wasted all their money
  7. You're friends are dumb asses. Don't get caught up with them!
  8. #8 ignila, Nov 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 29, 2011
    Any info you post on facebook is no longer your property. If a LEO can present a warrant to facebook, they can look at your online activity. Same with text messages, they are property of the phone company and can be viewed by cops if they have a warrant.

    Your friends should stick to phone calls (within state lines if they are american).

    **And yes, if they find the need to call you, they can find out that information and call you. Cops will never send you a facebook message or a text thats just way to informal.
  9. Whats illegal is probably any evidence they may try and generate through online records. That shit wont fly in court, specially if its through some social networking site. Your friends are still stupid. Cops are defo allowed to socially network too!
  10. yea i think cops do searches through facebook. I remember when i was in high school, principles and teachers would go through kids facebooks to see what kind of things they do when there not in school (Pictures and comments of drinking and getting wasted, comments of dealing drugs or parties that went outta hand etc) and they would call them down the office and investgate them. WHos supplying them? does he/she go to this school, bla bla bla.

    The social network is not a cool place to do any kind of business thats not legal
  11. No idea where you got that from.
  12. Fuck social media it is a tactic used by the man to de-humanize all of us. Stick to meeting people in person, and TALKING on the phone. I stress talking because you hear the voice and when you have to talk to people who are educated and free thinking on the Internet (like GC). Giving up FB and all that other useless stuff was some of the smartest and safest things I did.
  13. FB is bullshit, everyone know what you do and shit, some random hoe posts photos of you wasted at a party etc, it's not just the cops but bosses and other workers check your fb and find all that shit, someone's gonna rat on your ass and bye bye you go..
  14. To answer your question about texting, no they cannot talk through that.

    One of my best friends, also my dealer, got a new phone and didn't have my number saved. So I thought it would be funny to kinda fuck with him and text him acting like a cop after getting him to name an amount to sell. I told him he was now being charged with intent to sell/deliver and all this bull shit and he freaked out. Ended up throwing all his bongs and shit in the woods. He kept calling the number trying to talk to the "detective". He even called the fuckin police station to see if it was real! Yeah I know it's real fucked up, but at the time I didn't really realize the severity of it and didn't know he would take it so seriously. But anyways the police told him they can't conduct investigations through text.

    This is in Tennessee by the way. Also sorry for the long ass post
  15. The govt will invade your privacy if you are sketchy or hang out with sketchy people that have had previous police involvement

  16. That wouldn't be so funny if you bought from a real hard ass dealer trust me......
  17. better watch your back brooo the internet is not a safe place
  18. No, if you click add friend or anything and if you accept they can use what you publicly put on the web.
  19. [quote name='"Abaker"']

    That wouldn't be so funny if you bought from a real hard ass dealer trust me......[/quote]

    I know man we're both suburban white boys though. Like I said, I didn't realize it was gonna be such a big deal as it was. In hindsight, I definitely wouldn't joke about it

  20. they don't need a warrant, all they need is a subpoena. all big companies have a fax number for cops to send subpoenas to, and they give them whatever information the subpoena asks for.

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