Cops and Electric Companies. Experiences?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Johnmon, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    I know that there is always that concern that electric companies will report you to the police if you are using a suspicious amount of electricity. Is this a myth or something to be concerned about? We currently are installing over 3200W in the flower room and roughly 2000W in the veg room. Does anyone have any experiences getting in trouble from this?
  2. Can't say for sure.. but I'm pretty certain police can't obtain a warrant to search your home based solely on an electricity bill.

    Also, I don't think any electric company would go out their way to make one of their higher paying customers switch to another provider.
  3. I'm not to sure either I do know that my electric bill alone is £146 a month when it used to be £60 a month. I'm running 2 600w hps in and out fan and air movement fan. Also use aircon when it's needed. Could be a myth but I wouldn't want to jinx myself haha

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  4. Just pay your bill.

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  5. How will they get paid if you're in jail?
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  6. This is a reoccuring thread around here. The consensus is that if you are a good custom and pay your bill on time every time they could care less and will not bother you. If you require late fee notices, ect., you are much more likely to have a knock at the door.
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  7. I work for my local utility and nothing is suspicious if the bill is being paid on time and all the time.

    The only time the electrical company would involve police is that if you were stealing power or interfering with the meter on the side of your house from doing it's job.

    How ever if police are suspicious that you are growing they can obtain a warrant and we will fork over the customers usuage and billing.

    Keep in mind I'm not sure if all utilities operate like that. :)

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  8. Yep like everyone is saying pay your bill. Mines set up on direct debit so goes out every month. Like everyone saying if your racking up big bills and not paying them on time or at all that's when trouble will come knocking

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  9. Fuc* em if they can't take a yoke..Move yo butts to a legal state..:)
  10. Why would anyone go to jail over an electric bill?

    Just curious.

  11. ? My comment wasn't in response to your comment, it was just after it :)
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