Copped a new whip

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. I went and looked it over today... Its real clean, the bass is amazing in it.. 6 12's beatin down the block... But Im puttin Memphis in it.

    I saw it on the side of the road for 3700, talked to the dude and told him I would give him 3000 in cash.

    So tomorrow, Ima go pick that bitch up, get the title transfered into my name and all that.

    And Im not leaving the Dr.Pepper on it. I dont know what Ima do yet.

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  2. your kidding right
  3. hahaha Fuck yea
  4. thats fuckin sick! you don't like dr.pepper so that sucks, but for $3000 thats so awesom! Does it run&drive great? looks like a fun ride
  5. Not in the least. Why?
  6. lollllllll
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    Actually the motor in it is almost brand new, I got a picture of it somewhere... Its a nice clean 454 though.

    EDIT: heres a flick of the motor.

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  8. ohh man, been my experience, cars like that just gon' fall apart on you. and yea the dp gotta go.

    typical rigged donk though, cheap rims, ghetto lift i can imagine. Prolly a death trap:p jk
  9. The actual lift is done right, right but hes got the inside of the wheel well(?) cut out in the front...

    For 3 grand its worth it.
  10. SICK BRO! I like it! I wouldnt like it for winter in Sakatchewan,where i am lol, but it has some clearance from the snow:p I almost bought a lowered Jimmy in the summer that was pimped to the limit for $5100 but someone bought it out from under me.... thats how it goes i guess.
  11. Yeah dude had a fuckin SICK El Camino on for 24 spinners, silver with black racing stripes... But he wanted 8 grand for that.
  12. have fun gettin profile by tha po'lice
  13. I mean, for $3000 it's nice. But i'd just take the rims off it and buy a new car and throw those rims on it... that cars gunna fall apart, theres a reason they're selling it for 3 G's, looks too hoodrat-ish for me.

  14. those rims are cheap, why not buy a box yourself and buy some rims and do it up how you want?
  15. LOL

    That's sick man, yet I wouldnt drive it:eek:
  16. Good call. Only reason why I said keep those rims, is because the rims aint the expensive part.. its the damn low pro's

  17. Yep true that.... Tires AINT cheap. especially for 22s. But really, I cant complain for the price, if I drive it around and rattle it apart with the bass in a few months, oh well.

    I normally drive a Honda CRV... Which is a complete joke of a car, but great on gas mileage. Its completely stock, regular radio and all that. I just wanted a car that looks nice thatll knock pictures off the wall when I roll through :)

    Also, I think this is the fastest growing thread Ive ever posted. :):wave:
  18. hope you got a way to not get jacked.
  19. Yeah.... Im never naked, man.
  20. To be honest man, i've had a flashy ride, and it's just not worth it.

    Sure it's nice, but cops look at ya way more, jackers lookin' at you way more..

    Not to mention, people are too worried about what they cars look like.. what the need to realize is that it's a form of transportation... You don't see the bus with fuckin 30"s on it, lowered n shit.. haha

    I mean I'm all for systems in cars, i love my badass bass, but if ya can't afford it, you can totally do somthing better with that 3Gs

    But if you like the car, get it bro, it's YOUR choice


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