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Cop spills his guts.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Galli, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Mostly stuff I knew but good read. Theres acouple other narcs who have given similar tips and a couple made movies i believe.
  2. lol


    lol, good read though...
  3. Kinda old, but a good read/watch anyways. The video was funny, they were driving on the highway showing what he would look for and he looks to his left and theres a guy rolling a joint right there.
  4. I saw this shit a couple months back and its pretty useful. Alot of it makes alot of sense.
  5. "DO NOT put any of the following on your vehicle, they're red flags: D.A.R.E. stickers, Jesus Fish, your Kappa Sig frat sticker, or Vietnam vet stickers. Also, don't drive a Corvette—cops will pull you over just 'cause. (Ed: According to Mr. Cooper, if you're driving in Texas, try not to be black or Hispanic, either. Racial profiling abounds.) "

    lmfao that was the greatest one. TRY not to be black or hispanic hahaha try.
  6. yeah those were funny to me too, i can't imagine a cop being suspicious of a jesus fish or a dare sticker..
  7. huh? cops are suspicious of EVERYONE!

    the general public is the enemy from their point of view. i've been stopped and questioned more than a few times doing absolutely nothing and minding my own buisiness and i'm a honkey.

    racial profiling sure does exists even worse than the general public knows. i witnessed an arrest of a black woman outside a drugstore and the cops were threatening to arrest her friend or relative who was pleading that she wasn't doing anything and then i was totally disgusted to hear one of the "officer friendlies" say
    "you're not even human"

    how cold is that?
    i'd hate to imagine the stuff that goes down when there's no witnesses. oh wait, i almost got clubbed to death myself in an arrest i wasn't resisting in the least by a crazed lunatic who kept shoving me until a lowrider pickup passing by slowed down to ask if i was OK. then the older cop signaled yahoo boy to cool it.

    sorry, but cops are worse than the criminals alot of the time and often ARE criminals themselves stealing evidence, fencing drugs etc.
  8. lol don't carry more than you can eat.
  9. ya i like how he says "breaking up families" - those pigs are cruel

    great reading tho
  10. something about 404 not found.
  11. has anyone even bought or watched the full video ?cause my cousin just started and this might be good for his birthday in two weeks....
  12. If you want to watch the actual entire thing for free google tv links, its the first website. go to documentaries, then never get busted. the website has a shitload of free stuff too.
  13. did he put out his video on how not to get raided??
  14. dling it atm its out there to get if u know what ur doing

    looks like fun :D

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