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Cop Question???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blaz702, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Lets say your smoking and you start walking down the street and and you throw your roach out when your down with it. Can a cop arrest you for being under the influence of weed even tho there is no weed on you he can't find the roach. Cuz me and my friend we talking about that in the car and i told him that if he was driving while high even tho he didn't have any weed on him they could still arrest him for driving under the influence. Can you guys share some light on this subject. [​IMG]
  2. driving under the influnce is illegal, walking under the influence is not. however the cops may try to slap some lame ass charges on u when they cant pin any real shit on u
  3. driving high, and walking down the street high are two entirely different things to a cop. Cops cant do shit if they see you high walking down the street, hell i even wave at them with a huge grin on my face to fuck with them. But if a cop catches you driving high, they can do everything in their power to try and arrest you.
  4. Actually being under the influence of a controlled substance is a crime
  5. Really? I don't recall seeing any convictions for "sitting under the influence" in the last 100 years or so here in California. Georgia must be harsh man.
  6. Naw and most won't do shit unless you seem wreckless or your just completely out of it.

    I was in the car when my friend got pulled over by a state trooper, and there was weed and pipes in the car and the cops asked about a hundred times if I was high and I denied it even though they said they knew I had been smoking and they could smell it on me.

    one of the troopers just dropped me off near my house cuz my friend that was drivin didnt have a license and there wa open containers of beer, so he got put in county.
  7. Yup true that. Saw a COPS episode and this guy was smoking bud and the cop was like "Well your high just like if you were smoking crack or meth so your going to jail tonight sir." Pretty bullshit. The dude was all like "Marijuana is nothing like meth or crack." Officer said "No there the same." I loled at how much bullshit that was.
  8. If you're acting sketchy or stupid they can get you for public intoxication.
  9. He's 100% right. But, it's the burden of the office to "prove" your on a substance not just "tired" haha..

    You can get arrested for walking around drunk, public intoxication, you can get arrested for walking around high. But, for alcohol they have a breathalizer, they have to give you a DT to prove your on a CS so your far more likely to get away with it. If you have nothing on you, you really have nothing to worry about as long as your able to control your shit and not narc on yourself..
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  11. This. If a cop wants to be a dick he has the authority to issue a citation for public intoxication. You have to be acting like a complete asshole and smell like Cheech and Chong to get a citation though.
  12. driving while high: dui
    walking while high: public intoxication; plus you might get body slammed (if the cop is a dick)

  13. Saw a COPS episode that proved this statement to be true. Cop said this exact quote
  14. i think anyone who act stupid in public with cops around deserves to be arrested for public intoxication. some people need to stop exagerating that high and play it off pro.
  15. Edit:
    driving while high: dui
    walking while high: public intoxication
    walking while black:BodySlam
  16. thing is its not illegal to smell like it so if a cop doesnt find any on you and if you are just walking you dont have to stop to talk to them because you have done nothing wrong for them to stop you
  17. Actually smelling MJ gives them the right to search you, it's called reasonable suspicion, which gives them the right to search you. You can be held for 72 hours before try have to charge you..
  18. yes but if you dont have anything on you they cant do anything
  19. ^ true, as long as you don't narc on yourself hahah...

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