Cop or Not?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by puffinonablunt, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. So at my school there's somewhat of a designated stoner's area near the dorms. I was there earlier, not even smoking, and a guy who I've heard has been there before came up and told us he knows what this place is and what goes on here and to empty our pockets and walk away or get arrested. The guy proceeds to take the contraband and refuse to show his badge before leaving. Do you think this isn't a real cop? Suggestions?
  2. Haha hell no, that dude just jacked you.
  3. lol,you got jacked.Next time run,if he chases you cufs you,everyone will know hes a pig..
  4. Damn man sorry to say but you got conned
  5. What? You just gave some dude your weed? The fuck?
  6. AHAHA oh my god why.
  7. I suggest you ask to see a badge next time
  8. Yep that's a cop, kill him.
  9. by law they must show badge, you sire got beat.
  10. That's not how cops, even campus cops, act. Lol. Wow.
  11. Damn, your shoes untied.
  12. Did you know the word "gullable" isn't even in the dictionary?

    Sorry you got took, my homeboy.
  13. it's a jack move nikka!!!
  14. That sux you mosdef got scammed - My Freshman (University) year we got busted (I had zilch on me) total buzzkill, but since my friend did a nice handoff on the way to the "interogation room" we all just got a warning :). That was over 10 years ago :)!

    KARMA will get his arse though :devious:
  15. make him show a badge next time, chances are he didnt have one lol
  16. lol you got robbed
  17. Why the fuck were you hanging out in the "Stoner Area"? Hey guys! lets go somewhere that cops probably think stoners are...yea good idea. Ofcourse...I guess I used to smoke blunts on the stoop at my university...hahaha right on the main strip of town. YOU GOTTA CATCH ME FIRST BITCH.

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