COp on the other line..

Discussion in 'General' started by E~Man, May 4, 2006.

  1. I'm wokring at a call center, and I have a cop on the other line... any suggestions?
  2. uhhhh wtf???

    i dunno talk to him i guess
  3. umm, a call center for what. Why did he call?
  4. Ask him who has the best deal on donuts.
  5. ask him if all cops have mustaches in order to hide the stretchmarks.

  6. Hahahaha!

    Seriously though, i don't get the topic
  7. Why ask some jackass question if he's not hassling you. I hate cops as much as the next guy, but I hate the ones that have screwed me over or fellow smokers.

    What if this cop on the line is one of those cool ones that lets people go for small amounts of weed, and then you say something to piss him off, then he's on a mission to bust everyones ass
  8. Tell that fool Fuck you and all the other cops! FUCK THE POLICE!!!
  9. i hope your house gets broken into and your car stolen tonite.
  10. FORRSHADOWWWINNGG!!! Dun dun dun!
  11. Umm... which side are you on? Because that would be, for me and anyone living around here, re-inforcement of the "Fuck the police" mentality since the cops NEVER catch burglars. I don't even know if they really investigate unless the person who gets robbed actually sees the guy or provides some clue, otherwise the cops just chalk it up to "it could be anybody" and never solve it.

    Although it's not that out of line, in 2005 out of 290 cases of someone being shot, only 8 arrests were made. So yeah, go cops! That's some 280 murderers or attempted murderers roaming the streets tonight. (edit: Those are stats for Boston)

    Sorry, not trying to be a dick, but cops don't "protect" anybody. They arrest, and that's it. I mean they *try* to get to a crime as, or before, it happens, but obviously that's not possible, and clearly by the numbers, they're doing a very piss-poor job after-the-fact of actually catching the guys.

    So between "not being able to prevent most crimes" (rape, murder, etc) and failing at catching most criminals (armed robbery has, I think, somewhere around 25% arrest rate), it's no small wonder why cops go after drug dealers and users with such vigor: It's the only thing they can do!

    I guess the point of my rant is that, while well intentioned, cops are really bad at actually protecting anyone (or solving cases) when you just look at the raw numbers.

  12. totally how i feel man +rep
  13. Hahahha.

    Ask him if he can still kill whatever officers name for so n so amount of money. Jus pretend like your talkin to a contract killer. :p
  14. Such fools. People are always afraid of the cops because they have spent a strenuous amount of time around drugs and can easily recognize it.

    I know of a many nice cops that are just doing their job. If they were lenient about drugs, even the ones that aren't addictive, they could lose their job.

    I know some that are all for legalization, but they will still give citations due to protocol.
  15. Deff. I know one really cool cop.

    Hes one of my ex-girlfriends/best friends fathers.

    I went out with her for almost 3 years or something. Her father being cheif of reserve police.

    He knows my record, Knows i smoke weed. Knows i used to sell it. He knows alot about me.

    Jus last week i went over there. He knows how i roll. I come over in all black, Black n blue hat, Blue flag out the back right pocket. Hat banged to the right.

    So he says something about my hat and made a polish joke about it. How they put it on normal, Then cock it to the right to lock it into place lol.

    But yeah, Hes a cool ass cop. I was high and had bud in my pocket when he came over and a knife visible.

  16. was he on duty? can he even do anything if hes off duty?
  17. tell him your horny and want to taste his pork sausage!

  18. damn tell em like it is.

  19. hahahhahahaha thx for the laugh man:hello:
  20. He was off duty, But he can do alot while off duty. He can still arrest me or hold me and call for backup. If i run its still considered running from police.

    But hes a cool cop to me.

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