Cop lied to me..

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  1. The 30th i got pulled over for tail light out. I am illegal in the states so he also ticketed me for unlicensed driver.. He told me that there is no court appearance required and on the ticket its not checked in. I was just going to pay my tickets today and i get a letter in the mail saying i have to go to court on the 7th.

    This really fucking sucks.. idk what i can do.

    Why am i being sent a court order when it wasnt required in the first place?

    I really dont want to go to court, i have no idea whats going to happen. I hope immigration doesnt get involved.
  2. Do you pay taxes, sir?
  3. You're here illegally... Did you really think you would just get a ticket?
  4. We own a house a business and our own cars. Been paying taxed for 13 years. Dont worry were not a detriment to society.

    Well if the ticket said, no court date. Then yes, i did expect just a ticket.
  5. Why didn't you just register as US Citizen then? From what I hear it's not that big of a deal man...Good luck though man.

  6. If it was only that easy =]
  7. What keeps you from being a citizen? What's so hard about it?

    The cop probably did say there was gonna be no court.
    The times I've been pulled over they've told me there may or
    may not be a court date, I'm pretty sure the county court
    decides if you need to be there or not, but not having a license
    just doesn't slide.

    But that also depends on your record when the ticket gets
    filed. They look up everything on your past record. Tickets,
    they can see your illegal status I think as well. So...
    being an illegal and not having a valid license is probably why you
    have to go to court. That's not the cops fault, it's yours.

    I would be ready for a decent fine...hopefully you had insurance
    on your car, man they really get people for no insurance. Here it's
    a 500+ fine easily.

    Good luck OP.
  8. As an ex-cop, I would say the officer didn't intentionally lie, he just didn't know the law. Did he tow and impound your vehicle? He could've. And since you are here illegally, they also get to keep the vehicle if they want to file the proper paperwork. When an officer makes an arrest, which a ticket technically is, he writes a report and forwards it to the District Attorney's office for them to review. MANY times I have seen the charges changed, dropped, and added to all because that what the DA decides to do that day. In the Cali justice system(and I believe it is the same everywhere) the officer makes the initial arrest and informs the violator of the RECOMMENDED and PROBABLE charges that they will face. Ultimately, the report is forwarded to the district attorney as to whether charges should be filed, should there be additional charges, and should the charges be reduced. Hope this helps you a little and sorry to hear about your situation. Get a GREAT attorney. Everyone hates them until they need them.
  9. Alright before anybody goes running their mouths about some racist shit, I suggest you go look up and read the OP's thread he made about his story earlier on.

    Secondly, a similar thing happened to me. They said I don't have to show up in court but I got a letter anyways. I think - think being the key word here - that that's just if you choose to protest it. Traffic tickets can be paid online or by showing up to the clerk's office without actually going to court.

    In your case though, I don't know if your citizenship status will be an issue in you having to show up or not.
  10. I think he is allowed to lie to you anyways, technically you dont have very many rights here. Best of luck though, I know it can be difficult.

  11. Its pretty hard to get a citizenship in the US, even with my situation. You wouldnt think it is because you dont have to think about it lol.. If course the car is registered and insured.. Never had any tickets though.

    He did not impound or take mt to the station. He just asked that the owner of the car come pick me up...

    And thanks a LOT, the cop was a very nice guy i was baffled when i thought he lied to me. But i see exactly what youre saying, he could let it slide but not the higher ups..

    Guess i need 2 things now.. Another sack, and a good attorney.

    Thanks =]

    It says, must attend court. Its an over ride from the higher ups..

    I guess im kind of screwed. Only way i can stay in this country is to marry now =/

  12. What????
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    Quick! To Las Vegas!

    Edit: On a serious level, when you go to court just plead guilty and pay the fine. I can't remember if you have to show an ID or not.
  14. :laughing: You are absolutely correct! There are no laws or oaths taken(in Cali at least) that says you have to tell the truth. You swear to uphold the law, it doesn't necessarily state how.

    One incident that come to mind is a time when. as a cop(ex) I arrested three kids for beating and robbing a 56 year old man. We wanted to know who swung the bat and hit him. We seperated all three and told each of them that their friend rolled on them and gave them up as the "batter". It didn't take long until we had the 2 non-batters pointing their finger at the perp.

  15. Im guessing you know a bit more to notice how silly that sounded. No offenxe to op of that post.

    Not a bad idea... If only i had the girl to do it with.

    I see.
  16. just smoked some remaining resin to keep my mind from running all over the place. This really sucks, i never wanted to use MJ to "cope", but this is a biig problem.
  17. you should get some legal advice man, im surprised only one person said that, but yea, you should at least talk to a lawyer and see what could come of this

  18. You could always pull a "weeds" and find a restaurant that is obviously employed by other illegals and then hold up your cellphone with "la migra" ready to dial, and ask for a hookup to get some illegal identification and go to canada.
  19. Yea, we know a good lawyer to go to, just wish I didnt have to..

    Lol ahahahahaha...

    I needed that laugh..

    Maybe ill just go to the restaurant I work at and do that =]

  20. Oldest cop trick in the book:laughing: Seems like the homies weren't that tight a group of friends.

    But that's very enlightening to know how certain districts are looking at the matter of truth and upholding the law.

    To OP, best of luck to you, man. This could be a shitstorm unless they'll just let you pay off all that with a fine.

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