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Cop dog next door

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kazaweed, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Alright my next door neighbour is a ex cop lol lucky me i know
    Anywaz, he is looking after his son/nephew/i cant remembers police dog because it failed the test (aparntly its to playful but sniffed weed out fine)
    Now i sleep in bungalo which is right next to my fence.
    And whenever i toke up in the the dog wont stop barking lol
    The dogs being there for a few weeks and i have a good laugh when it starts barking cause its a failure

    Anywho felt like shareing that story
  2. I have an annoying ass worthless dog that lives next door and everytime I she barks
  3. True man i just find it funny with my situation cuz when me and mates toke up in there its a good convo starter
  4. Hahahaha thts some funny shit bro!! I have an actual police dog who lives 5 houses down but havent had any issues... YET lol
  5. lol lucky man
    once the ex cop came out when the dog was barking and all my mates and I just froze then we here him yell


    then we all piss ourselfs laughing then the bong continues to go left

  6. That is some of the funniest shit ive ever read hahahah damn i wish i woulda been there
  7. I've got a sheriff in the house next door, and the world's most spastic, senseless barking endlessly dog on the other side...does that count? :rolleyes:
  8. Lol one of my buddys (old school stoner story) back in the day used to babysit the only drug dog in the city when the chief was away, so one day he saw the dog ran up to all of his buddys, had a half an o in his pocket walked up to the dog, pet it and got away with it

    Grammer is a little wrong, must be an effect of the MARIJUANA!!!
  9. Lol funny as man
    The weed+text=shit is always aparnt lol
    Like my text lol

  10. I know what you mean by living near law enforcement....I live with a cop man....cant wait to get the fuck out of this damn dorm

    Wow, I'm high
  11. Your bravery will be documented in my stoner ring

  12. You live with a cop in a dorm?
  13. The dog must be thinking, "Those guys have weed, what the fuck is my fucking asshole master yelling at me for? He's supposed to give me treats for busting people! Fuck this, if this keeps up, I'm going on strike. Let them find some other sucker to work for nothing and take abuse for doing the job I was trained for!" :wave: :hello:

  14. lol i coulnd't spot laughing
  15. My dogs is awesome but he gives me funny looks and sniffs me a lot when im baked... he's like "you smell like shit!"
  16. My parents cat used to howl like crazy outside of the room whenever I would blaze in there. He knew what was up.:smoke::smoke:
  17. My dog tries to eat weed when I put it in front of her. Shed make a terrible police dog lol.

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