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  1. In a tent 3x3x7:

    If you used a cooltube by carbon filter>ducting>cooltube>ducting>duct exhaust fan....,

    I noticed a handful of people set it up this way, but wouldn't odor still get through? If there is any openings (are they air sealed?) in the reflector. Wouldnt air/odor pass though and out the exhaust without being touched by the filter? Or would the ventilation be strong enough to pull it all through from the filter?
  2. The cooltube should be airtight so it forces air to go through the filter and exhaust out through ducting. Make sure to have the filter at the ceiling of your grow space, this way you exhaust the hotter air and keep the cool air down below where the plants are. :)

  3. I had a 400w HPS Cooltube hooked up to the method your describing.

    As for openings thats why God allowed humans to invent duct tape and zip ties.
    I use Gorillia Duct Tape as it stays forever vice the cheap stuff.
  4. Thanks. Any suggestions for a decent cooltube to use in a 3x3x7?

  5. I used a 150 dollar one I had off Just type in 400w HPS and it should come up. Was probably not the best but worked just fine for my small grow.
  6. My local shop has one for 90 that I am going to pick up. Already has built in flanges for vents. And fully airtight. Thanks :)

  7. Sweet deal. Even if its not the best the price is.
  8. Yea i got one for about 100~ at my local hydro store and let me tell u what a diffrence. With out hood and fan my temps were at 82-84 and humidity at 60-75% with the cooltube and fan its at 76-78 and 20-30% humidity with out humidifire. And i have mine exhast running open end cooltube sucking air > cooltube reflector> ducting> fan> carbon fter and i cant smell anything until i open the door.
  9. I am relieved to hear it helped with temps and humidity that much. That is why I need it. But curious why are you pushing air out through your carbon filter? It seems like most people recommend you pull it through the other side of the reflector?
  10. To me its because i want all the smell gone. It dosnt really affect the preformance of rhe fan just slightly ill get u some pics at lights on (9am) it use to always smell like moist soil now the only thing u smell is when u open the door!!! Stinks so good lol

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