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  1. Helllllo,

    Sooo, I have terrible terrible acid reflux after smoking ganja. It adds nausea and chest pain and all that awful stuff. I notice this when I take hits from pipes and joints, and sometimes those side effects can last for days which is a huge bummer. I smoke cigarettes(stupid I know), and those don't cause the same reaction. Weird right? My GI doctor told me that weed smoke is much thicker and worse for your lungs than cigarettes.(putting everything besides the actual effect of their smoke density aside)

    Because these side effects happen after I smoke, it also brings some anxiety along with it. (Chest pain and stuff, and I don't get that burning sensation like everyone else does, I get actual chest pain, it's scary but I know it's harmless I've been checked out.)

    So my other questions... Pipes, joints, AND vaporizers all irritate my reflux, the vapes I did use, was the G Pen with wax and just a shitty wood box vaporizer. I don't know if that'll have anything to do with it? I got some high CBD buds on the way and I don't have enough to make edibles or extracts or anything like that. I've been thinking about maybe getting a nice bong? And also debating getting a diffuser and/or percolator for it? Would that maybe filter out the smoke a lot and cool down enough for it not to irritate my reflux? But it's confusing because I would have thought using those vaporizers would be the best way to take in the weed. I want to know what you guys think before I go spend hundreds of dollars on this stuff.

    Also, would switching to one of those "torch" lighters or those ones that are the flameless lighter that heat up and you directly put it to your bowl and it's hot enough to ignite.

    Any thoughts??? Thanks in advanced.

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  4. A herb iron might help on the combustion side of things, Or get a vaporizer that can attach to a bong and vapor bong it. Also i suggest getting a bong with the most amount of diffusers, percs and ash catchers you can. Im talking like diffused ashcatcher into diffused downstem into the best percs there are around (not very informed on percs so cant help you there) oh yeah and you want ice aswell
  5. Thanks Sir,

    I just saw today you can hook up a vaporizing pen to a bong, sounds awesome, but expensive haha

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