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  1. so I've finally setup my system. its a 3x5 grow tent made of mylar with some outlets around it and the zipper front doors. now I'm just trying to figure out the best way to cool it. right now, I have an aluminum duct exiting the side of the light..through the side of the tent, with a 90cfm fan on the end of it pushing heat out. today I'm considering flipping that fan around and turning that duct into an intake and installing another duct on top of the light..going out from the top of the tent with another fan for exhaust.

    would this make much of a difference? I have an oscillating fan inside and I leave the doors open during the day..temps stay constant around 80-85. also have an a/c channeled right into the tent but my goal is to get the temp low as possible without the a/c
  2. :wave: A cooltube could solve your problem.

    Good luck

    EDIT: There are even some guides on here for making your own
  3. I have a 400w in a 20"x36" and it stays around 74.

    Mine looks like this. Carbon-->> 4" inline fan (170 cfm)-->> into air cooled hood -->> out of air cooled hood-->> out of tent -->> Out the window.

    Hope that helps. The key is getting that heat as far away from intake as possible, as it will recycle itself and build up.
  4. I'm gonna head to home depot today and pickup a 160cfm duct fan. what would be the most efficient use of this use it as an intake into the light or exhaust?
  5. Those duct fans are just meant to be boosters, they dont push a ton of air. I would recommend an inline fan or squirrel fan or something.

    Here is what I have.

    High Tech Garden Supply

    with that it wont matter if you're pushing or pulling.
  6. Thanks man I might just order one of those today

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