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Coolest thing In your Stash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GetYouHighTy, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. What's the coolest/most useful tool in your stash kit ? try to name something that most people don't have in theirs or not to many people even know about. The most useful/coolest thing in my stash box is porbably the hemp whick cord around my lighter that I have, It really kills the butane chemicals from a normal Bic and provides a much better/cleaner taste to your bud and even cigs.
  2. My Space Case, saves me so much time and my hands don't smell :wave:
  3. my needle ;). dont do drugs
  4. a bobby pin and mint extract are two semi interesting things in my bag of goodies. bobby pins come in handy just about every sesh, and mint extract is awesome to add to bong water in my humble opinion
  5. I'd have to say the small magnifying glass I have for solar hits.
  6. an old wallet with a pack of rolling papers, matches, and two notecards for a quick on-the-go kit
  7. yes to the dude two users above, the bobby pin is another handy tool in my stash, i hate clogged, res filled bowls.
  8. My kasher its an attachment to my lighter that doubles as a lighter mad useful. Google it. I'll never not have one again
  9. Swiss army knife I got for my birthday a year ago.

    Seriously, so fucking useful I could never be without it.
  10. Since my kit consists of two water pipes, I think it's cool that I have a pack of RAW rolling papers, but I think lots of people have some sort of papers in their kit. I always have my Swiss Army utility knife in my kit for getting rid of the ashes of my last bowl out, maybe that's a more rare thing to be in a stash kit :smoke: :D
  11. A nail.
    Just a regular nail. The flat side I use for packing a good bowl, and the other end as a good poker for clogs. I've seriously had this same nail for 6 years.
  12. My entire stash is in my Rasta Box so I'm going to have to say that.


  13. Mario 1up mushroom
  14. bent paperclip, unclogs bowls :)
  15. [quote name='"Rasta Haze"']My entire stash is in my Rasta Box so I'm going to have to say that.


  16. My safety pill container with a combination lock on the top. If the codes not right it just keeps spinning
  17. I have a folded in half pokemon card (Bulbasaur) that i use to pour my weed into stuff.

    Because grass is my favorite type. :p

  18. Ahaha nice pun :D :smoke:
  19. My friend made a Mechanism that's a grinder and lighter all in one. It's badass.

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