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  1. So i've been trying to do this for awhile but i finally did it.
    Realizing you're in a dream. Its amazing.

    (Dream) Last night I got in my car drove very recklessly and fast to my old High School and found hot chicks and started fuckin them. I just went up to them and said "lets go fuck in the bathroom" and they did! Like 15 sexy as hell chicks it was awesome. BUT,
    then I woke up :( but it was still awesome and im gonna try this every night though.

    Anyone ever realize you're in a dream and do crazy shit?
  2. usually when i realize im in a dream i just end up waking up from it..
    it's hard to consciously realize you're in a dream and stay in it.. usually when we are dreaming we find that nothing is weird or odd until we wake up and thats what happens to me
  3. I remember my first 2 weeks of smoking everyday I had some hard core Lucid dreams almost every night.
  4. Thats called lucid dreaming
  5. although when i smoke and immediately go to sleep i do have some crazy images popping in my head and random shit... but yeah it does sound pretty cool to have the ability to consciously control dreams.. id do madd shit

  6. I remember one of the actors saying that quote in 'Dazed and Confused' :smoke:
  7. Does anyone else have dreams of trying to kick someones ass, but when you punch them your punches are super slow and they do nothing.

  8. No fucking way!! I thought I was the only one. I have literally the SAME EXACT feeling. I'll be trying to fight and my punches are too slow and feel like they aren't even hurting the guy.
  9. haha I thought i was the only one too. I had a dream like that last night, the dude was standing there laughing at me and i kept throwing punches but they were so slow and didnt do shit.

  10. Yea, its like punching underwater but even slower. In my dreams I would try my hardest to punch fast but I just can't do it.:eek:
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    All the time damn. Running too. You run slow as fuck.

    What about flying? Sometimes i try to get off the ground and fly but i feels like im fucking swimming in air instead of flying or i can get the take off right and im like bounce off the floor and slowing coming back down agian. Basically everything in a dream feels like you're in water but you cant tell and you can see it during the dream.

    My lucid dream freaked me out a few months back. I was scared shitless because after realizing i was dreaming, i had no idea how the hell i was going to get out of it because usually i would have woken up by then. Said fuck it so i just roamed around looking in every view trying to see what it looks like in a dream.

  12. Yep, I get that too. Exactly what you explained. Except when I'm running super slow sometimes I'll take off and end up flying somehow.
  13. I never have dreams of flying, but i have dreams that i roll off my bed and i suddenly fall fast into a dark abyss and i wake up suddenly and my heart is racing.
  14. Man the other night I was having this dream about having a foursome with 3 hot older women. We just about started to get it on, then my fucking mom woke me up.
  15. Dreams are the most interesting thing to talk about. They're basically stories of your life (seeing how you dream pretty much every night) so you can go on and on about all the crazy shit you saw. Basically like a drug trip. Almost like describing a salvia trip.
  16. Damn that shit happens to me, too...

    I get sooo frustrated when that happens.. I also had a dream that i got shot one time and i woke up feeling the pain.. crazy shit..

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