Coolest pipe you've seen

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  1. What's the coolest pipe you have ever seen this includes everything but binge/hookah so spoons dugout bubblers wooden pipes est
  2. my helix oil rig:smoke:

  3. Any pics?
  4. a lot of stuff on Kravin Glass' page is pretty cool. I'm partial to my hammer bubbler though, it's not technically the greatest looking piece ever but it was one of those things where as soon as I saw it, I knew one day I'd end up getting it.

    EDIT: btw OP, I love your sig, I just read the thread it came from and I laughed my ass off through every page.

  5. Thanks man and don't be shy post some pics of that beast
  6. This has to me mine [​IMG]
  7. here's my bubbler.


  8. [​IMG]
  9. my 11inch mini darby stemless with luke wilson 10arm with a Diggy mini inline ashcatcher and an El Hefe slide
  10. [ame=]One Of A Kind Custom Toro - YouTube[/ame]

  11. Man i want that exact pipe. Where could i get it ?
  12. I want that toro holy shit haha nicee!!
  13. I saw a pipe that was the cheshire cat and when you're smoking out of it, it's upside down. So cool, way too expensive though.

  14. I really want this pipe, don't care how much it costs. Do you know where I could find a pipe like this for purchase??
  15. I've seen so many cool pipes on this site alone, i don't think i can think of the "coolest" one
  16. In Charlottesville, VA I saw a glass dream-catcher that was a working pipe as well. The blower also had a working glass walking cane/pipe.
  17. I like the look of the grav labs bubblers but I'd never buy one.

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