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Coolest headshop I've been to

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by biggyb303, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I just got back from Street Glass, a badass headshop in Denver. Why is it so badass, you might ask? Well any piece that you buy from the store has a 100% lifetime warranty. yeah, that means if you break a pipe(even if it is used) that you bought from his store, and bring him back the pieces, he will fix it for you. And if it's unrepairable, he'll just let you pick another pipe that cost the same. I broke my pipe that I had bought from him a couple of months ago and went in today and it should be fixed by tomorrow. He's a badass blower and a really cool dude as well.

    Anyone else know an owner/blower of a headshop that does this too or am I the only one?
  2. That's really cool man, I can't imagine someone fixing it if you broke it yourself by dropping it.
  3. Dude that's sick. I'd say the coolest I've been to so far would be Hideaway in Mpls or Clown in Mpls or St. Cloud.

    Also, I can't believe that post made it into your sig! That's some funny shit. Nobody will ever know what he was talkin about.
  4. go there and buy the nicest bong you can afford man!!

    lifetime warrantee?!? HOLY SHIT thats awesome
  5. That's so nice. Dude, where i Live in bum fuck eygpt redneck sack of shit town, St.marys county Maryland, we got 0our smoking utensils from a different type of folk. We have these old farmers market that all the black and redneck people took over and it's basically a rampant crime of inbreeding and retardedness. anyway this old dude's around his 50's and a big ol fat fuck. he sells a bunch of other random shit, but he always sells grinder, scales, pipes, bubblers, nice glass bongs Ect. I myself got quiite a nice bubbler for only 25.But that shit got caught lol, and is somewhere in my woods. anyway the people who sold it to me were like his 20 somthing year old kids. Craziness.
  6. It's a trap. The owner is a cop and he says that so when you bring back the resin caked pipe you can be charged with possession and paraphanelia... age old trick.
  7. Classic.
  8. yea?? i dont know ANY shop owner that would take that kind of legal risk... sketchy as fuck
  9. he does man...i fuckin promise you. i know plenty of people who have referred me to his store and he's fixed and replaced quite a few pieces. all he does is right when he gets the piece, he throws it in the kiln and all the resin is evaporated within seconds. he's a cool ass dude.
  10. The owner of the local headshop here will give regular customers certain privelages. For example, when I bought my bong case he let me bring it home and try it out before paying for it. Did the same thing when I needed to replace a downstem in my small bong. He's also designing a vaporizer with all glass contact points and casing. If he ever finishes that then that'll be pretty sweet. A shop with their own brand of vape, with no metal touching your ganj.
  11. ^___^
  12. the coolist shop i've been to was in the middle of bum-fuck now where about 15 miles north of phoenix, after a fun nigh of exploing dewey, az and getting stoned me and my friend had to stop for gas at like 2 in the morn. i go into the normel looking gas station to pay only to find myself in ganja heavan. every mary-jane assessory was there and a group of like five teens smokeing out of a bong behind the counter. my buddies and i ended up smoking there for and hour and i bought an awesome piece for like 10 bucks. good times.

    But still doesnt compare to a life time warrenty,amazing.
  13. headventure in is the closest they got a decent amount of stuff. Other wise penny lane in springfield is nice.
  14. that is pretty dope. it seems you can't even bring the piece into the shop if it's been used at all. xerox had it right clown glass in mpls/ only place i shop these days very sturdy. i recommend if in minnesota check it out.
  15. OP, if your in denver, check out phat glass at like 17th and S broadway. or if you go to FoCo hit up kind creations. those are the ones i visit if im in colo.
  16. thats sweet dude. never heard of anyone doin that.
    ive only ever been to one headshop so far. Called "pavillion". went on monday. was sweet.
  17. if anyone is up from denver, a little more north (perhaps on your way to estes park) come check out one love.

    all of our glass is local! (we don't mess with low quality or imported stuff)

    it's inexpensive! (we only mark up our stuff to what keeps our business alive and maintaining)

    we're friendly :) and there's lots of artwork!

    here's the website:

  18. #20 biggyb303, Feb 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2009

    lol i've been to one love a few times...and I have to say that you are definitely wrong.

    been to phatglass and kc plenty of times...thanks though :)

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