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  1. wasn't sure if there has been a thread like this before but

    what are some cool websites to browse when you're baked? :bongin:
  2. is pretty good some funny pics and posts ppl make
  3. stumbleupon is all you need
  4. there is this one called grasscity which is hot...

    i also go to a bible site that kicks me off regularly...

    and my favorite site is actually this one dudes blog...i LOVE his blog...

    he's a music producer and musician and loves to have people coem to his blog and pickon him and stuff and call him names and show him he has some very informative articles about the music industry there for any who need some goodpointers...he is knowledgebale and has a professional attitude towards making music and in his approach to music...and will answer any real questions you may have...

    tell him 'seldom' sent you...we are old friends and the guy is in love with me or something...anyway...remember he enjoys being picked on...
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    hee my name is Daan lockhorst from holland and i just made a trippy groovy website 

    would love it if you guys check it out and give me some comments and tips
    thanks in advance,Daan
  6. Hmm. Well since this thread popped back up I would like to show off one of my newer sites.
  7. hope to see more posts like trippy websites or visual anomalies or neat stuff

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