cool things to do when smoking w/ chicks?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by modern-hippy, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. ok im pretty high right now so if this sounds stupid, advanced apolagies. Is there anything thats cool to do when your smoking with girls? i dont mean sexual because we just friends and smoking buddies but like is there a cool game you can play with stoner girls or something?
  2. gettin some head

    edit: didnt see the sexual thing; well the same shit basically that i do with my boys get high, munchies, video game, movie, tv, whatever man
  3. put the bong over your woody, the girls will go crazy
  4. touch their vaginas
  5. gettin head is the best... but non sexual listen to some music or joke around and watch tv
  6. lol. Treat her like u would any other stoner, unless of course u happen to have a romantic attraction to this particular girl, then well mack on her? idk just have fun be spontaneous be loose and just chill relax and smoke and do what u normally do...
  7. im not aware of any games but treat her like any other smoker. just because she is a girl doesnt mean shes treat different
  8. how about not treating them like sex objects lol

    yea dude just relax and smoke with her, kinda hard to plan too much shit just kinda hang out, get some food and chill on the sofa watch tv or a movie or sumtin:D :cool:
  9. like others said chill, actually going for a walk is cool with chicks, end up talking bout deep shit, and maybe u will do deep.:D yea just have fun:smoking:
  10. You mean you can do stuff with girls beside sex since when?
  11. ok.... i should mention i smoke with this girl like almost every day. you seem to think im nervous about smoking with a girl or something, not the case. i was just wondering if theres anything non-sexual you can do thats kinda cool that you cant really do with guy friends, i guess not. i was just trying to break the whole smoking and just chillin routine i dunno im high
  12. cuddle :D... bitches like that

    oh and then get head
  13. Reread that to yourself when your sober lol you will laugh
  14. LMFAO! +rep dude thats hillarious
  15. I like to mmuurrddeerr when I'm high. Yeah right, more like drool.
  16. 'you get em really retarded baked.. and then start makin moves on em and have your self a good time with her'..... giggty giggty giggty
, j/k im so baked right now
  17. "So, we're pretty baked."
    "Yeah, we are."
    "Want to take our clothes off?"

    "That feels really good." :eek:
  18. Oh, and girls like food, a lot. Give them food.
  19. Put the bud in your pocket and let her crave it before you take it out. She'll crave it so badly, she'll start rubbing your leg, to get you horny and so you will take it out and smoke it. (happened to me once) haha.
  20. dude that is freakin hilarious. +rep.

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