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  1. Hey guys, I will finally be living on my own with a room mate in a nice apartment next to campus this year. Its a 3 bedroom pretty spacious apartment and my room will have the window as well as having an outdoor patio facing my fraternity house.

    Now, I am just looking for some cool shit that I would need for my room and for the extra guest room.

    I was thinking dimmer switches with maybe a remote for the ladies.
    A wii for play (purchased)
    Nice glass on glass perc'd bong (purchased)
    Maybe a bear rug for the hardwood floors with the head still on haha.
    Nice plasma (girlfriend is buying one as bday present)
    Nice stereo (room mate is a music nut)
    Couch (room mate has it covered)

    Any other cool shit yall can think of? One of my friends has an indoor hammock and I thought that might be nice for the guest room as well as an extra bed.

    Looking for ideas.

  2. it really all depends on how much youre looking to spend, and how much room you have. like a ping pong table could be worth it if u had the space. they are always clutch during parties.
  3. I would concentrate on shit that you need rather then want eg. bear carpet, wii, dimmers etc.
  4. mini fridge, microwave, one of those little charcoal grills (to take outside of course) , reefer, and beer, every residence should have these things (man law):wave:
  5. All the essentials are pretty much covered. Now I am just looking for stuff that would be nice to have.

    Found a foosball table for 100 on craigslist where I am going to be living, but airhockey is more of a fun drunk game for me.

    beer is a given and already have a decent mini fridge from last year.

    It is a 3 bed 3 bath with walk in closets in each room and the rooms are decently spacious with dimensions of 12x12.
  6. Wall art (posters, paintings, flags, banners, pennants, etc.)
  7. get a music-controlled laser light show projector.

    youll never regret it.

    i fucking love mine.
  8. got some cool posters.

    any other cool ideas for electronic stuff? You think an air purifier thing would help with the smoke smell or would incense would just do the trick with some windows open?
  9. An air purifier will only take the smoke out of the air, it won't affect odor's.... I have an ionic pro turbo in every single room of my house...

    Just some incense should do, never open your windows when your smoking, that's common sense.
  10. Why never open the window? Fear of neighbors? I was speaking of the window in my room. I really dont think it would be that big of a deal cause we are an end unit and Im just facing air with no neighbors near me on my side.

    Thanks for the safety precaution though, thats definitely a good point.
  11. At leas a couple comfortable foutons, for those who crash over.

    a mini fridge for your room

    nice stereo

    nice television with decent surround sound

    some other comofortable furniture to spice the living room with

    some glade plug-ins or nice smelling candles (not feminine looking shit, but just some shit to add a decent aroma)

    and make sure youve got silverware and plates and shit, even though Im sure youd much rather use paper plates that you can throw away, it never hurts to have decent eating supplies

    (most of this stuff has probably been mentioned already, this is just a truncated version i guess)

  12. Yeah, I used to stay in a town house with people on either side and we would open the windows on breezy, cool days to save from using AC and we smoked in every part of the hosue. Plus my roomie was growing in his closet. Never had a problem with it at all. And one of the tenants beside us was this old dude that had live there for 28 years. Even when we would sit outside on the back patio and drink and be loud, no complaints. Just be careful not careless.
  13. Around $400

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  14. good idea but a little pricey.

    I like trash cans with ice for parties dont want someone breaking my 400 keg try to do a keg stand on it.

    Fridge shall be stocked.
  15. Link?
  16. link is called for. as well as maybe a demo vid.

    Oh and the bear rug is out. Turns out they are around a grand at the cheapest. Dont want anyone stepping on a g.
  17. honestly, everyone I know with a Wii has something else as well, be it the PS3 or 360.

    IMO its just not something that you have as a standalone system.

    A touchscreen learning remote is one of the ballingest things you can own. Wait to see a females face when your remote can do more things than her laptop. A rotating shot despenser is awesome, you can find em at Spencers.

    Lots of candles and incense is a must for any lady loving stoner, because most females don't like the smell of the good herb. Cleaning supplies are stressed. Make sure you have plenty places to sit.

    a computer running Windows Media Center with an HD TV Graphics card will allow you to run an HD Tivo-like interface on your plasma if you buy a 360 and network it. Its called Media Center Extender.

    Plenty of books and magazines. Trust me. Nothing is cooler than rolling up on the newest High Times.
  18. what frat r u in bro? and school?
  19. a big fucking TV always makes a room.
  20. i read where those plug in deals have been causing fires :eek:

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