cool little trick for when you have dry wraps.

Discussion in 'General' started by chronicman00, May 16, 2010.

  1. I know all blunt smokers hate when the wrap is dry. no one likes havin their blunt crack in the middle of a roll.

    so here's what you do.

    besides giving the wrap a little moisture by adding a little saliva, you breathe on the wrap. as if you were blowing up a balloon. all the hot air and moisture from youre breath revives yo blunt wrap reaaaalllyy'd be surprised almost. try it out sometime

    lookin out for you blunt smokin motherfuckkkerrs
  2. Been doing it since day one. We call it steamin' the blunt.

    Props for spreading knowledge though.

  3. We call it the same.

    I've had a few people refuse to smoke afterwards though. They're just like "man I ain't smoking shit that has your hot ass breath all over it." Ok. More for me. You'll smoke a blunt I've licked up and down, but you won't smoke a blunt I've breathed on.

    *****s are stupid sometimes :laughing:
  4. That's ridiculous! As you said, more weed for you then.

    Most people I smoke with lick the hell out of the inner and outer leaf at some point. It may not be sanitary but god damn it makes for well rolled blunts.
  5. O.O


    I'd still smoke it with you :smoking:

  6. I just figure once you use the lighter to dry the blunt off that it kills all the bacteria (even though this isn't true :laughing: )

    Now, I ain't gonna smoke with somebody with a cold sore, but anybody else I'm game. If the tip is soggy when it comes my way I just dry it off. No big deal.

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