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cool hotbox tip

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobication, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. After hotboxin your ride.... if you have one of those scented trees.. lie those royal pine trees or whatever... light a corner on fire and make it soo a little cherry burns for a bit... its like insence for a car
  2. Damn that sounds like a good idea. I never really thought of anything like that. With my luck I'd probably burn the car down lol. j/k

    Keep Tokin
  3. thats sounds like a really good idea....but dude, u have to try this too. If u have like, an autozone anywhere near you, go there and get a bottle of this spray called Ozium...Me and my friends fishbowl my car all the time and we got pulled over once and sprayed this stuff and the cop didnt smell a thing. Its specially made to neutralize any odor at works miracles
  4. Hotboxing is really retarded if you care about getting caught by the cops.
  5. park the car in your garage.

  6. haha yea I was gonna say

    Not if you're parked in your driveway.

  7. Move somewhere chiller :D

  8. ..dont leave it might sound funny, but people die this way every year...

    and lighting one of those trees..must be healthy for try it
  9. I gotta be ridin around while hotboxin.. It's just so much more fun. I just go on some of the backroads around where I live and toke up. It's extra kill now because I have my 2 12" subs in a bandpass box and you can feel the bass in your fuckin heart. It's one of my favorite things to do while high.

    Keep Tokin

  10. what's the point of hotboxing a car if ya aint gonna drive it. of course, not everybody can drive high, but it's still a trip, and good for those long drives. Plus ya still need to cover up in case of a cop pulling ya over, but then again, if you can drive good and you aren't obvious with the weed, then your all good.
  11. What do u mean people die all the time because they dont turn off thier car?
  12. in their garages..

    People die from carbon monoxide poisioning from running their car in teh garage with the door closed.

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