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Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by sphinx13, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. I Made this the other day with a few things I had laying around, and a cool looking wine bottle. It's completely air tight and has a diffuser. Let me know what you think and how I could improve it.

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  2. Looks pretty sweet man...
  3. Looks pretty sweet.....that a trumpet mouth piece?
  4. Yep, it works so well as a bowl.
  5. did you drill through it ?

    and maby another little bottle as another chamber?
  6. Yeah I got a glass drill bit for it. I filled that bottle with water and then drilled it to keep it cool, but I got a little reckless, and cracked it a bit. And about another chamber, yeah thats a good idea, I was thinking about that, thanks.
  7. I like this piece its very creative how much did the glass drill bit run you? because i have a huge 5 gallon glass arrowhead bottle from back in the day and i would like to make a bong out of it
  8. It's a half inch ceramic and glass drill bit from Ace, and it cost $10.99, and then you need a drill of course but most people have access to one of those.
  9. Haha, sickest homemade I've ever seen. Nice work. +rep
  10. You could build an ash catcher out of one of those little Canada Dry tonic water bottles.
  11. Yea thats pretty fat, if your making an ashcatcher, make it blue glass like the other one.
  12. Or......steal the bit, and buy a ice cream......No one asks questions when you buy a ice cream :D.
  13. Did you just use duct tape to seal it? I've been trying to find something to seal mine with but I'm not sure, and I was hoping to avoid duct tape.
  14. are you using a carb or sliding the bowl in and out?
  15. use caulk or a hot glue gun.
  16. Damn, that's a nice bong, man. What kind of wine was in that bottle? I've never seen one like that before.
  17. Looks badass man! ;)
  18. Hmmm. I was thinking that, I'm just worried about heat vaporizing something off of either one and inhaling it.
  19. I wouldn't worry about it too much - the hot vapor isn't coming in contact with the adhesive/caulk so theoretically there can be no reaction as long as the stem doesn't get too hot.

    Also you might consider widening the neck of the bottle so that you can get your lips inside of it than having it come in contact with the wet part of your lips. IDK It's a shame about the duct tape but oh well.
    That bottle is beautiful!
  20. lol holy shit i have the exact same vase in my house. i should do what you did.

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