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Cool Game

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hemp Knight, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. i have the floppy disk drive where to now?
  2. pretty neat game, i got the key from below the grate, then went through the door. the computer then spent the next 5 minutes loading and i got bored and quit.
  3. what do i do with the disket box?
    it dosent do shit with the comp

    okay now i have the pin... what does that do?

    U use the pin on the box!
  4. Does this require me to use my brain?
  5. dude i just beat the entire game.. what a waste of time ;)
  6. Good eye. I like your choice of games...gotta love the adventure games.
  7. What do you do with the little head thingy after you get it in that big room?
  8. theres a puzzle under the bridge
  9. Yeah, I saw it, and I finished was it, I fogot how to mix colours, which was needed in the end. Oh well... It was pointless.
  10. i couldn't figure out how to get the red wheel
  11. Well, in the room with the star window thingy, there is a desk, open both doors and remove the pen and paper, then use the pen on the paper, then put it in the mailbox, now open the mailbox, now you should have the red wheel

  12. Yes, it did have quite a spooky vibe to it
  13. ARGH! I HAVE THE Disk in the case now and Im trying to use it on the computer.. WTF DO I DO, its the second level and I cant use this DISK ON ANYTHING LOL FUSTERATING
  14. smokey d, use the pin on the box
  15. guys, i cant figure out that puzzle under the bridge... i treid like every possible position..still no go..and how do u catch the fucking head. wow, this is really pissin me off.....

  16. same...
    [edit] AHA diskette box.. rat hole..

    [edit2] lol still stuck ~_~

    [edit3] w0ot got it :p

    [edit4] going for a record number of edits.. I'm stuck on the big machine thing now... I cut the triangle up and put it back in the panel and lit the fire... stuck now
  17. how the hell do u light the fire?
  18. yea but what do you do after slicing up the trianlge and lighting the fire o_O
    [edit] hmm that's gay... the game is gone
  19. how come i cant play game anymore?

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