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Discussion in 'General' started by Auditore, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Heeeey grasscity!

    Need your help, I'm trying to tell my parents that I smoke. I'm gonna tell my mom first, she's the naziest one. So yea, any good short films, pictures, graphs, articles or anything like that you think might help me convince my parents. I don't smoke cigarettes and I don't drink, so anything comparing weed to those two would be a great help.

    Also if any of ya'll have 'come out' to your parents about smoking and have any tips I'd appreciate those as well.

    Thanks again GC.

    I love ya'll.
  2. tell her you do it because you think it makes you cool
  3. Watch the union with her it should convince her good luck!
  4. Convince them through actions, not silly pro-marijuana material.
    Do well in school, get a job, have your shit in order and prove that it's not affecting your life in any negative way.
  5. Make her some brownies for being such a great mom.
  6. It's hard advice to give without actually knowing your parents. The way it went down for me is my parents were pretty anti drug, including weed, for a long time but after I became an adult and moved out I just mentioned getting stoned here and there. They basically had the attitude of, "Well, your an adult so we can't tell you what to do or say much about it.". As the years have gone they came to realize through the media that pot was pretty harmless and being illegal was doing more bad than good although they never partook themselves.

    Don't tell them. Instead work hard in school, do shit around the house, get a job, be responsible.

    Eventually they may catch on and say something to you about smoking, in which case you can tell them how you've been smoking for however long and it hasn't done anything but help you release stress. No graph or statistic in the world is going to give them hard hitting PROOF that someone can smoke and still be the same. But if you provide solid evidence such as this there is no way they can deny any of it.

    Unless of course they say they don't want you doing it in their house, in which case you would be forced to move out or stop smoking or keep it a secret.
  8. Everyone says the union the union...but that focuses on canada mostly.

    'High: the true story of something somethign' it's on netflix
    'How weed won the west' also on netflix

    I think both of those are more informing than The Union, one of them has officers beating and harassing naked men at a drug raid at a prison, like you see it all...might not be the best family film haha, forgot which one it is tho since i watched them both on the same day, and started one when I was half way through the other :S lol

    but as the other people have said, make an example of yourself...documentaries are always looking at one point of view only, and most people know that and so they don't always trust them 100%
  9. Best advice ever.
  10. This belongs in apprentice, so you can get 500 'teh unionz' posts in a row

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