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Convincing Parents to let me smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NorthEastStoner, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys so recently all my friends got busted so eventually my parents are gonna find out and question me about smoking.. They don't approve of weed. When they ask me I don't want to lie to them about my habits because they eventually will find out the truth and consequences will be worse ( I'm talking bad shit.) ever since I started toking my asthma has gotten better and I've been doing fenominally in school. Please help me convince them that weed isn't a killer and it's fine to smoke. (btw they smoked back in the day...)
  2. Dont even try to convince them theyve heard all the propaganda from the government and they problably believe them 90% on it.Also if they consider listening to you tell them all the benefits you get from smoking.Just my .02
  3. True but obviously I'm gonna fight for my cause. I'm considering making them watch "the union"
  4. thats exactly what i was gonna say just be an adult about it and be serious if you joke around they will not even give you a chance but just talk dont argue don't raise your voice just talk
  5. Don't tell them this.
  6. Just tell them how much better your asthma has gotten and how well you are doing in school, that's a pretty good argument.
  7. The union is basically just pro-stoner propaganda.

    Research actual cases where medical marijuana has improved the condition of someone's health

    Where's Storm Crow when you need her?
  8. Just tell them yourself if you have the balls, it might help your case. I just walked up to my mum one day and told her i self medicate. She didn't really care as long as grades stayed up and i didn't turn in to a lazy slob. But be Honest, and tell them all the reasons why it's not bad/why it doesn't effect you negatively.
  9. No, don't do anything until she finds out, and when she questions you about it be like "F*** you mom" and spark a bowl in her face.

    That's what I'd do...
  10. Hmm there's a lot of different opinions posted. Basically I have to organize some evidence of how weed has/can improve quality of life and have minimal and no factoring side effects.
  11. It sounds like you respect your parents, which is definitely a good thing. All you can really do is tell the truth and see what happens, don't lie a make it worse. Trust me, they probably won't like it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  12. your parents see shit like this [ame=]Anti-Marijuana Ad / Commercial - YouTube[/ame]

    ...Who the fuck with COMMON SENSE would do that. You would wait until it is completely clear.

    EDIT: inb4someonesayswatchtheunion :smoking:
  13. post 3 yo
  14. See man, what you need to do, is go up to your parents, and be all like "DIS MY BONG, DIS MY WEED" and then smoke some infront of them. Then give them a gangsta ass look like this :
    :cool: / knife in teeth
    and be all like "now dont you forget it". Should be yelling something about "the fucking felchers" while your walking off. Probably should have some crazy person music playing in the background too, like some 3am by eminem.

    Idea is that you just kinda freak them the fuck out and they leave you alone from now on.
  15. [quote name='"Bindin13"']No, don't do anything until she finds out, and when she questions you about it be like "F*** you mom" and spark a bowl in her face.

    That's what I'd do...[/quote]

    Lol. Awesome. Oh and don't do this. :)
  16. If you do, I hope they send you to rehab.

    You dont want to work for it, I know. Just pawn it off on other people. Find Grannys list. It adds some credibility.

  17. Alright fine I won't show them the union.. And why would you want me to go to rehab? Stop hating dude. I've heard of granny's list but can u explain it to me and send it to me?

  18. oh wooops...... :smoking:
  19. I have asthma and good grades as well. When I got caught the first time, they were beyond pissed. They do not know the facts about marijuana, and the fact that some apparent smart ass 15 year old is telling them the FACTS, still makes them false in the eyes of parents against weed. I would not tell them, but rather be extremely careful. Do NOT get mixed up with any other drugs, whether for you or not; do not throw and paraphernalia wrappers in your garbage bin in your room, and do not have bud or any other shit in your house where they could ever find it. Always use eye drops.
  20. I wonder when the term "hatin" is going to go out of style....

    Granny's list is just a long list of various studys done on weed

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