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Convincing my mom...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Leif, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. My mom is cool with me smoking, but she says not to do it in the house. If I'm at home and not smoking in my room, I'm out in my car. Being out in my car is more risky, in my opinion. She says the reason she won't let me is the fact that it's illegal. I smoke in my room at night or while she's at work. I would really like to talk her in to just letting me, and I've got a few arguments ready.

    First, as smoking in my car is riskier than doing it in the house, it only makes sense that I be allowed to do it in my room. The risk is lowered sharply.

    Second, if she's worried at all about the smell, I've got this whole smoking in my room thing down to a science. I open both of my windows, establish a flow, and turn on two fans blowing the smoke out one window. If I keep everything open to air out, my room is scent-free in a matter of minutes.

    I could always just call my dad. He's smoked pot since he was 11, and he seems to have a lot of influence on my mom. She's just naturally paranoid and he's helped me with other things.

    So anyways, I was wondering if anyone here can give me any insight as to how to convince her. When I do smoke in here, I avoid cigarettes and anything that burns constantly, because she seems to smell that easier.
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  2. i know in my state... just like with alcohol.... if you're caught smokin' inside your car you get a possesion charge as well as a charge of driving while under the influence... because the cop can argue that because you were in your car you had the intent of driving it, and they just caught you before you started the engine. its pretty stupid, but it just makes it that much more risky to smoke in your car. i'm not sure what the law is like where ever you are, but i'd say thats a pretty good argument.
  3. i think the intent to drive is only appilcable if your keys are in the ignition... my buddy was driving drunk, stupid i know, and he decided to pull over and just pass out, so he did and a cop rolled up in him and woke him up and his keys were in the ignition and the car was off and his emergency flashers were on but he still got popped for a DUI since his keys were in the ignition :(
  4. i would not bring up the argument. It is her house and it is her rule. be respectful of that and stop trying to take more. Imagine if it was your house and you set up a rule. Your kid wants to keep breaking the rule. For one that is disrespectful and another things it is not good for your character. Be grateful you have a mother that loves you and is willing to work with you on your choices in life. Think about this; in ten years from now, you will not think and feel the same as you do now. If you have your own flat, would you like for people to continue to disregard what you say? Just my 2 cents.
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  5. Well if she already knows you smoke, it can't hurt to try and convince her. I'd say the car is waaaaaaay too risky to do all the time, cause who knows who's watching while you smoke?

  6. I second this. Just be happy she doesn't try to put you on lockdown or something like I read around here alot. Remember that as long as you're under her roof she owns you.
  7. Here's an idea, move out.

    Other than that, respect your parents. Their house their rules.
  8. Quoted for truth, very elegant. +rep

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