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Convince me to quit!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazedOntheMoon, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. So after smoking 5-6gs yesterday and didn't get that fucked up, i decided that it's necessary for me to quit. At least for tolerance. Ive been smoking at least an 1/8th a day for the last year. Give me your guidance and support <3
  2. Quit and send me all your weed. I'll smoke it for you and get high, tell you about it and you can be vicariously high through me, and that's the highest you can be so just pm me and ill send you my address.
  3. i need a break too
  4. Every time you smoke your killing yourself and shortening your life.

    Your 1 smoke closer to cancer.

    You lungs are covered in lots and lots of sticky resin and your lungs will eventually fail.

    You don't want to walk around with an oxygen tank do you?

    If you do not quit smoking, I have enough evidence to issue a warrant and arrest you.
  5. Just take a tolerance break, at least 2 weeks up to a month . you dont have to quit.
    Its not that hard and convince yourself that you wont regret it after the break.
  6. A break for 3-4 weeks will bring your tolerance down.
  7. i find even a 1 day break brings my tolerance way up after smoking weed that many days in a row. I dont do that anymore but those were the days, now its more like 3 times a week if that.

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