Convert small bong to dab rig

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  1. I need help converting my 12in. Bong to hit dabs
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    Get an adapter for your size and a nail.

    I saw some nails that are universal also but i would use an adapter so the bong glass doesnt get to hot by the down stem

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  3. Get an adapter cause it saves your glass from getting too hot and cracking. Go to a headshop say you need an adapter nail and dome. Cheapest way for a good conversion. And also clean the bong before you dab. It's disgusting if you don't
  4. If the bong is made from quality borosilicate glass heat from the nail should not be an issue. After all, this is the same glass used in laboratories, and it's intentionally made to withstand extreme temperatures for long periods of time. I've been using a male-jointed domeless nail in one of my bongs that I use strictly for dabs for over a year with no issue. Thoroughly cleaning the bong before using it for dabbing is definitely a must.

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