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Discussion in 'General' started by andis, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. 10 min ago my neighbour thats over at our house came in to my room and started talking about alcohol, he came in to me and said that he didnt like that I was drinking beers(have a sixpack here), not because its bad for your health or anything, but as i understood him, he meant that i shouldnt be drinking at all, almost, it sounded like he was tierd of it in a way, because the alcohol had came to that stage that it was his "high" in life, his enjoyment in life... and I think I understood what he meant.... anyone understand? And to you guys/girls that are a bit older than me and got more experience with alcohol feel the same way?

    my neighbour are 47-49 years old..
    He's not an alcoholic or anything..
  2. I dont drink much..maybe out of 3 weekends i drink in 2 of them...

    EDIT: this is a guy that have been drinking all his life.. so he knows..
  3. ummm, yeeeeess. if all you got to enjoy in life is getting drunk or getting high, you really don't have much of a life. that is not to say that getting drunk/high is bad as such, but if that's all you do to give you some meaning in life, you're basically screwed.

    alcohol (and weed) should not be used as an escape from everyday life, but as an enhancement. there is nothing wrong with gussling a sixpack any given day, as long as you fill the day with something meaningfull aswell.

    i think i've made the same point like three times already, so i'll quit now :)
  4. Thanks Zylark, i don't feel that way... he gave me a little bit bad conscience about drinking my sweet sweet Ringnes (Norwegian beer) ;)
  5. haha, a fellow norwegian. i got a sixpack of ringnes in the fridge too, i have just killed 3 boxes of carlsberg (since 1930 to now, which is 0230. that's 1 beer every, umm, 2 hours).

    but the bottle beers (or bearpuppies [bjørnunger] as we call 'em. small, cute and brown) take way shorter time. that's why i leave 'em for last, hehe. oh, gotta remember to roll another J! i love summer vacation!!
  6. I love summer vacation too..who dosnt :p but its not long until school starts again..for my behalf... But going to Rodos with a friend for a week next wednesday, think that will be cool, only thing are that we hope to get some weed(bønner ;) down there.. have you been in Rodos before Zylark? you know if its a bitch to get hold on some weed there ?

    EDIT: a bit of topic but.. ;P

    EDIT AGIAN: already answeard my post about weed in rodos... Thanks ;)

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