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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by aeroblurg, Jul 31, 2001.

  1. ...... yea so i had some weird weed last night. i feel not happy. i laughed all night but now i feel depressed. i smoke to get happy. this is not how i wanted to feel. world looks so blue. scary. unknowing. ive been on earth for a while. and ive know those things but i feel like i just found out about them. like a blanket that had mellow pictures on it was lifted off me and i saw hell for the first time. i need some hendrix music. hey joe sounds scary now. so does castels made of sand. and little wing. uh oh, im scared of hendrix. i think ill have a heart atack if metalica is on the radio. yes i like metailica but if hendrix is scary...then.......yea... ok rolling stones are on. i cant get no satafaction eather. britany speers ruined that song. like how red hot chilie peppers ruined hexdrix foxy lady. rambleing i am. boreing you i am. yoda me not.
  2. Hey there 'Blurg I know what you mean. It's gotten to be that if I start to hear anything by the Doors or especially Led Zepplin I start to freak out :eek: and get all paranoid.
  3. i dont know what it was. really really dark green and tasted bad. the ahses and resadue smells fruity in the bowl this morning. im not smoking it. what a waste of THC.
  4. thanks. i wish we could pass through the internet. that would be cool.

    *downloading 5' bong hit*

    damn, that was good.

    *downloading munchies*
  5. well we can now smell things on the net. mabe my idea will work. mabe. lets hope people at NORML are working on this too.
  6. thanks for the advise dude. yea the last 2 days were weird happy then depressed. now im leval. looking ahead to where im gonna go now.
  7. thanks, i love you all too.

    damn im now over 1000 posts. i didnt even notice!
  8. Well I'll be dang! Sometimes band members let each other in on things... and sometimes they don't. Sucks when that just adds on to the other stuff that have been fucking around in their head. I'm gonna go play some guitar now.
  9. ?? bob villa ?? what u talking about??
  10. OH SHIT!!!! I must have been really fucking messed up. I was like outta my head dude.
  11. goodone bob*wink
    i have used this many times myself...

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