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    Despite the source. The concept and ideas are intruiging.

    I did some further research into, being my skeptical self.

    The stones were errected by a 'R.C. Christian', a business man whom doesn't seem to exist.

    This what wikipedia said:

    So I looked more into these 'Rosicrucians'. And found close ties to the Freemasons.

    The same Freemasons which many of the United States founding fathers were members, and many recent presidents are members of.

    Just thought I'd look for some reactions.
  2. i've read that before. Quite the interesting topic though. I do believe the human race should be kept in check, although i am sure my opinion would change when i was one of the ones selected for extermination :eek:

    I would prefer to hear your thoughts before i go into this much further
  3. Sounds good to me :bongin:

  4. First of all +Rep for making me think. Been out of school for a few weeks.. brain = not wanting to work fully.

    (edit* You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Rasta_Man again.... sorry)

    Anyways, this is very interesting. I am a bit baffled. The connection that you brought to the story complicated it even more for me.

    Here are my thoughts... :

    First of all- if someone told me the vague story behind this (A man comes into town with a fake name.. commissions a "guidestone" that has laid out rules for mankind .... and the commission is complete- no questions asked....and even more: considered to be of some sort of spiritual or profound importance....) makes me wonder how simple it would be to convince people that one (who perhaps may not have much influence) is of incedable significance. In other words... can we as humans make others believe that we are god? How far will people go to have something believe in??

    I know this is a far fet from what the article stated- however, i am stoned- so my mind began to wonder.

    It mentions that the article:"reflects the degree of control that exists today over what the American people think"

    SOOO here is where my thought went...

    In high school my friend and I thought up a plot. We of course wanted to be queens of the world- (as all freshman do). We came up with this scenerio:
    If we took a bunch of babies- put them in a town and raised them. Throughout their life they would be raised in the ways of "US". We would be some sort of goddess. Would there be 100% committment- or would their be doubts? Could we bred humans to honestly believe everything that we tell them??


    Having to do with the guidestone- I think that is pretty cool. thank you again for sharing.

    Hopefully i wont come back to this post once I sober up and thing.. "WTF?" :smoking:
  5. "you ever see logan's run?" - brian
  6. I've never even heared of these stones before, but they make some valid points. our worlds population is really out of control and when all the developing countries get to western standards in living quality and material posession i.e. more than one car per household as standard the enviroment will deff go up in smoke.

    however the thought of execution to meet such requirements, eerg, i'd hate to see anything like that ever happen. Also Rm u mention that members of the government or presidents are in groups linked to the stones dating back x amount of years. SO could you say certain wars and events in the world occur in order to control the population, or to obide by the guidelines set out for munanity by the stones and whoever commissioned them to be built.

    this is all very intresting but my stonner mind is thinking into this way too much and ill shut up b4 i start going into some concpiracy theory shit!!
  7. dude that map idea was cool, im about to look at that.

    but those idiots from the first page got the pentagram wrong.

    they said pointed up it was a sign of witchcraft.

    wrong. the early stages of the pentagram were started in a small religious sect of christianity. they pointed the north point upwards, symbolizing god's position above the world.

    just as satanic cults turned the christian cross upside down, they turned this pentagram upside down as well, the two upward point symbolizing the pact between satan and man.

    but other than that, it was interesting.
  8. True that.

    The pentagram was an ancient pegan symbol, demonized by the catholic church.

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