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  1. so.. planted one in the ground and the fukker is 3 ft tall.. did not expect that.. umm is it damaging to the plants health to keep in a smaller pot to keep it from being a giant? i mean, trying to keep shit hidden as i am in texas.. no such thing as a "legal" grow here...

  2. Yep. Root bound. That will be a big problems.
  3. If you're just worried about height and them showing over the fence or something you can tie them down and top them to keep em short and fat. If you don't want them to get wide OR tall, I'd suggest planting later in the season or growing autos next time. You can keep them in small containers, but it just seems like a waste (and extra risk) to start them early in the season just to turn around and stunt them with a small pot. The whole point of starting early is to get big plants. If that isn't your goal it would be a lot safer (less time to get caught and smaller plants) to start later in the season.

    Live and learn....
  4. thanks for the replies.
  5. Yep. See what happens when you come at us the right way. We love to help. The way you came out with that mg thread will rub some of us the wrong way and just because we smoke a lot does not mean we forget things.
  6. If your growing guerilla and u want to lst them, your going to have to go back multiple times a week to keep tying them back down. If not you get something like this. 
    View attachment 117276
    Thats what happens when u tie them over, and dont go back for a week. Kinda fucks your stem, and doesnt help you at all.
  7. What exactly happens to a rootbound plant? Will it die off? Stop growing? Bud production hurt?
  8. lol.. what mg thread?? i must smoke too much.. :eek:  na i remember.. wasnt meaning to be a dick but the next day as i reread that post i have to admit was harsh wording.. all apologiez tho really.. mods took care of that post so quit :cry:... im jk.. thanks again for replies.. and trust me i appreciate all replys.. both criticism and advice..
  9. ima just put these last 6 in the ground hidden(of course)... only got 5 planters big enough to fulfill optimization...

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