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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by TheHempress, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. I made this for a contest on G4...I wanted to get some feedback on it...does it look ok, should I change something, would something else look better, etc.

    This isn't due until New Year's Day, but I'd still like some of your opinions.

    This is Nicholas D. Wolfwood from Trigun.

  2. Does anyone want to help me?
  3. aside from the fact that wolfwood is one of the best anime characters ever that is pretty good, a larger version would help me make a better decision though
  4. I was able to re-size it in Animation Shop....looks might want to consider changing the clouds (behind the dude sitting on the right)....change that figure to a devilish skull....just to have a balance of good & evil.

    Either way---it still looks excellant.[​IMG]

  5. LOL, those clouds are cigarette smoke :D He smokes a lot of cigarettes :)
  6. I just looked at this thread, its the 30th. Pictures arnt working though...

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