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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by hydro, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. all bottels were full yestersat. and im smoking the fat blunt to the left right now. its 2.1 gms of indoor bigbud. that bong cost $170 and the pipe was $60

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  2. Nice collection. That looks like a nice blunt -- I wish I was smoking that right now.
  3. Your cat is cute :D

  4. the one on the left is smoke and the other one is booger

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  5. awww...I love cats....I'd show you pictures of mine if I could remember what thread I put them in :p
  6. Personally i like all the bottles and weed smoking devices better :p
  7. yea me too, i fucking hate cats.
  8. strawberry daquiri phillies?!?!?! sounds badass
    ive only seen chocolate vanilla and berry
  9. YOU HAVN;T seen strawberry like i havnt' seen BERRY. :D, though we do have blunt wraps in: choco,vanil,berry,coniac,gin n' juice,crystal,cool mint and like 3 others.
  10. lol im gonna be searchin for some of those things now
  11. cool pipe i own that same one :-D
  12. cats look stoned to me!
  13. The first blunt I ever rolled was a strawberry philly, and it turned out great! Nice bong BTW :)
  14. Im not into tobacco, that blunt is tobacco, right?

  15. you talking to me or hydro? i think a blunt is a cigar with weed in it. with tobacco, its called tobacco
  16. with tobacco it's called a cigar, with weed it's a blunt.
  17. awwwwwww..... i love your kitties!

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