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Containers for on-the-go

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by skittle, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. does anyone know where i can get an air tight jar of some sort to keep my bud in when im on the go? i had a nice one bud it broke and im gettin sick of having to use a pill container:confused:
  2. small thermos
  3. Jelly Jar?
    Or clean a peanut butter or nutella container

    if it needs to be smaller I can recommend just smaller jars i guess or the containers that u get proscribed medicines (pills)
  4. # 1 Best weed containers:
    You have to ask which type of jar will best protect the freshness, potency, stickiness, and smell of your weed. I found this weed jar when I was initially using it for curing, but now I have a travel size that fits in my purse! It completely blocks out all visible light- which stops the decaying process, hence extends the shelf-life of your weed for more than 6 months! No other jar out there has this capability. Herb Preserve jar is also airtight and smell-proof. The deep violet glass makes it perfect to hide your valuable herb from the kids. It’s definitely the best weed jar! Check out my blog at for wiser weed tips in the future. Coming soon!
    These jars can be found at:
  5. i like the little mason jars. and i smell spam
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  7. Go get one of the small jars that they use for jam. Mmmmm strawberry bud :smoke:
  8. I like to use the little black film containers with the gray tops, they are actually pretty airtight.
  9. #9 WeedMILF, Mar 22, 2011
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    But only this type of jar can preserve the potency of your herb. Remember visible light is the #1 enemy/cause of drying out and DEGRADING the "smokability" or potential-epic high you expect from your weed. Just some food for thought! Enjoy these jars at
  10. i got a glass jar at wal-mart for $1........i dunno check it out if ur lookin for somethin cheap
  11. when I found out that my mom smokes more herb than me. It inspired me to become a weed milf too! haha
  12. I use 420 jars theyre great they have all kinds of sizes and they look awesome they're airtight
  13. Those little spice jars with plastic lids.
    Everyone seems to have about 50 of them and they work perfectly. :smoke:
    Fit a q almost exactly
  14. Get some Balls. :D -|- Your complete source for all fresh preserving needs.

    In the link above you'll see the ones I use. The short and wide 8 ounce jars (on the right). It's great for up to a quarter but for more than that you'll want larger ones. Ball makes all kinds of sizes and many supermarkets sell them. Amazon has them as well.

    If you're traveling with less than an 1/8th and it's just for a night/weekend thing a pill bottle might be a good idea. You can buy brand new ones at a drug store. Watch out if you have stanky danky though. Pill bottles aren't as air tight as mason jars so the aroma can travel.
  15. use a pill container that you can flip the cap and screw it on. i've been using those and it's done the best job of keeping smell in
  16. Baby food jars are nice for on-the-go. The nice little glass ones with metal lids, but they have rubber around the lid where it touches the jar, so its decently air tight.
  17. My weed don't fit in dem lil' pill bottles.
  18. i use one of the keychain pill bottles. its a lil container. for light smokers like me its great^
  19. here is a picture of my 420 jar that 420 science sent to me for free
    420 jar.jpg
  20. i use babyfood jars. fits a bit over an 8th of some dank buds and a lot of them have the rubber seal to keep it good and fresh. plus its like 1.99. also, if you get stoned enough, those squashed peas and lima beans may taste ok

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