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Consuming pot not working?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ITNinja, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. Recently I found an easy method to make single serving brownies. I know they work because my two friends right now are off their asses and they aren't the kind of guys to lie about it.

    Now I am kinda confused. Essentially the microwave instructions are to add 1 tbsp of water + 1 teaspoon of water. So i made 3 of these things. I ground up 6 grams and made cannaoil with it all, Strained it through a paper towel, Squeezed it all out. I made all 3, They tasted damn amazing, No pot taste at all, But the smell in my house for awhile has been bad. I at one at around 8pm and felt it around 10:30. Normal, But I did not get anywhere near as high as them. So i ate another around 12 with another two grams. This time baking them as to convert all the inactive ingredients to usable THC. It's currently 3am, Again felt it, but not as hard as I should be. They have the same tolerance to smoking as me. We essentially only vape about 3-4 times a day.

    I am confused as to why it isnt hitting me hard. They where all made using the same oil, Coconut oil.

    Any ideas? im going to just try vaping.

    I know it's not my body because my metabolism is through the roof. Always has been. I made a 1g firecracker once that blew my head off. But then they never worked again the next 3 times. Im so tired of wasting pot, But that one time it hammered me was so amazing.
  2. It's tough to say what the problem is because everyone is different. For example, I've smoked 6 different vapes (Volcanoes, Big Buddha, etc.) and all of my friends got retarded except for me. I know how you feel, but if something isn't working you really shouldn't keep wasting your money. There are so many other ways to enjoy reefer!
  3. try the butter method and eat more at one time, i find that you get more out of the weed when you do it with butter
  4. I also find that it depends on the contents of my stomach. if i'm full, or eat other food with the brownie, then it won't work as well, because it gets diluted and because of the longer digestion time, it never reaches 'critical mass' of thc to get high. but I also think that if i eat just the brownie alone on an empty stomach, that it's not enough food for my stomach to start digesting alone, so it doesn't work either. so I usually eat the brownie on an empty stomach with something else small, like some nuts or a piece of bread with peanut butter and jelly, or something like that.

    Also, if one brownie doesn't do it for me, i find that eating another one is also often disappointing, so i'll just smoke at that point, and then they seem to work together great.
  5. If you can avoid using the microwave that would be better and whats the fat content of the coconut oil? if its low go for a fattier one.

    Also what you eat and how long its been since you ate effects how you feel edibles? if you just ate and they didnt itll make a difference.
  6. Well Coconut Oil is the best for cooking cannabis due to the fact that it's the only oil that is 100% Saturated Fat.

    Also I was on an empty stomach and I ate the brownie alone. As well as the rest of my buds. Oh well, Even when I smoked that day I didnt get hella high. I thinkI just had one of those days where it wasnt easy to get ripped, I wasnt very relaxed yesterday I guess.

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