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  1. "Sunday Morning"

    drug induced awareness
    pain that won't stop
    drugs that don't work
    drugs that work too well
    warm tea cold floor
    empty inside
    what's left

    "Wet Dream"

    lying in bed
    listening to the pouring rain
    dreaming that i was
    stretched out naked
    in an open field
    letting the rain
    wash away my sins


    leaving you behind
    was the hardest thing to do
    missing you
    thinking of you
    knowing we're living lives
    miles apart
    when we should be
    sharing this moment
    this newness
    together is what i dream

    "the end"

    stranded on this desert moon
    wishing that the sun would shine
    cold and lonely
    without a view
    only wish i was missing you
    gone forever
    without a trace
    the frozen end of the human race
  2. I love them........even though Sunday morning hit a little to close to home today.
  3. yes indeed im, alone again
    and here comes emptiness, crashing in\
    neither love or hate, i cant find in between
    cause ive been with witches and i have
    been with the queen
    it wouldnta worked out anyway
    so now its just another lonely day, hey hey

    (thank you to my man Ben Harper for those words)

  4. Ben Harper is a legend.

  5. i've spent 1 1/2 years of those Sunday's. why are the best things so damn bad for you??????
  6. Isis.........I guess if things were good for me then they wouldnt be any fun. All those evil little indulgences are what gives life that extra kick!!! And thats why we live it up because you never know what day will be your last!!!
  7. true, true flowerchild. it's just some indulgences are way too expensive and addicting. now pot, on the otherhand, is just right.........

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