conspiracy theory i just thought of

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  1. so what if the human race was a virus meant to destroy earth? like some aliens put the first evolutionary stage of humans on earth, and its like a poison because of how destructive humans are. maybe theyre like clearing earth for a planetwide shopping mall or something haha

    what do you guys think of this?

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  2. it would be easier to kill us themselves than to wait thousands of
    years for us to do it.
  3. What if aliens put us here to reproduce and be a food source for them? 
  4. We were put here as slaves to mine gold for the reptilians so they can use it to repair their ozone because they destroyed theirs similar to how we destroyed ours.
    I thought everyone knew that......
  5. What if all religion is a ruse created by aliens so they have something to masturbate to?
  6. So, intergalactic beings capable of faster than life travel, able to predict an evolutionary tree that would lead to a destructive species, and an ability to wait millions upon years for them to reach that stage, would go through all that work? Seems like a very long winded way to go about clearing a planet off.

    I believe personally we're here because their species doesn't have an anus, and they really want to stick instruments and devices up an anus. Ergo, humans.
    Agreed. Everyone knows Aliens are very fond of butt play and anal..
  8. Here's the deal, we are a higher powers "mess up's". We were a trial version of this higher powers perfect civilization.

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    If that's the case then we are doing a good job.
  10. For us maybe. But if they went close enough to a black hole. For what could be minutes for them would be years us.
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    There many, many much more effective ways to have done this.
    Moving the orbit of the earth a few degrees.
    Hurling an asteroid at the earth.
    Changing the atmosphere.
    Many better ways.....
  12. exactly

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    humans were probably cheapest at the planecide store

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    You can't even suggest any kind of intent.
    Aliens with the capability to biologically engineer species suited to certain planets and introduce them in to an ecosystem with dominant traits, all while assuming that they will reproduce for millenia and eventually cause a planets' destruction probably have the technological capability to just entirely decimate that  planet from light years away - or even just fold space upon the planet itselft and collapse it into its own event horizon.
    I really enjoy talking about conspiracy theories, however this one seems to have to real legitimacy regarding intent or probability - even the madman/wildcard aspect doesn't really play into this, because an alien species capable of faster-than-light travel would have to be incredibly successful for millenia and would most likely not have master criminals running its society as our own species does.......
    You can probably tell I haven't smoked in way too long.... :cry:
  14. What.... Holy fuck mind blown

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    The outliers may be running the show here but there are probably several Earthly circumstances beyond which they can vilify.
    As for conspiracies, there are about 8 gamma ray bursts detected per 24 hours. For all we know they could be aeonic ventures in deep space, with the entire fate of intergalactic civilizations weighted on the outcome.

    Then again, these arbitrary thoughts imposed onto the cosmos may stem from a vastly underdeveloped empathy in comparison to these hypothetically advanced entities.
  16. Speaking of conspiracy theories I'm convinced if the bible is true the fruit in the garden of Eden was weed. That's fucked!
  17. That isn't a conspiracy theory, it's a pipe dream.
  18. What if Jesus is the second cousin of this galaxy leader and he was tasked to make everyone believe in him and trick us from the big picture?

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