conspiracy theories about reducing the population

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  1. Tv makes u stupid

  2. Then mostly everyone in the government would be dead lol. You think they would execute George Bush lol?
  3. where do these assholes get a sense of entitlement that they should be able to control us? fuck them there not inheritantly better than anyone else. also we should call them something else other than "elite" there not elite there greedy pieces of shit.
  4. theyre elite greedy pieces of shit.

    but still 1337.
  5. When people are getting famous for having a shit ton of kids, then yes, population control is necessary.

  6. Are you thinking of the book '1984'?
  7. personally I think every human being should just be sterilized so this pathetic species can finally die out.
  8. population control is already in effect kids, the water, air and specially the food are all tainted. The thing is the poisons only take their tow over a lifetime (small doses over long exposure) so by the time you reach the age in which you're no longer useful as a slave and about to collect benefits for your lifetime of slavery you die. Can anyone say HIV as a great population control tool?

    take a look at this doc about the gerson therapy for curing cancer and find out along the way what causes it. Interesting fact that Doc. Gerson was poisoned to death after completing his research.

    The Beautiful Truth | Watch Free Documentary Online

    developed countries are nothing but complex farms and WE are the cattle!
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  10. [quote name='"Rotties4Ever"']problem is not 'too many people'
    problem is too many unproductive apathatic walmart jersey shore people...

    I bet if we learned to live within our means, and didnt get caught up with petty shit
    we as a human species have potential, but we're too "fuck it" to do anything...

    i made a thread about a guy (les stroud) who did exatcly that

    I hope more people follow his example...[/quote]
    The problem is growth in birth rates and urbanization. Not "lazy fuck-it" people.

    ...they don't help though.
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  17. Go to wikipedia, or the the library, or wherever, look up birth rates, and you'll see that pretty much every population is in line to decrease. The only people having a ton of babies are muslims. I dont make this shit up, I dont need to go to some conspiracy website to see this, just look it up in the encyclopedia.

    Japan's population is dying out. They have tons of old folks without enough babies to replenish the population. A whole lot of their robot tech is geared towards the idea that they need bodies to take care of the elderly. Not just for sex.

    European countries are fucked. They offer government incentives for natives to have kids because they need to increase their birth rate.

    Take 5 minutes to read this. It's not hidden information. Don't let people freak you out about overpopulation. A soon as our old folks die out, we have less and less young folks to replenish the population.

    Birth rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  18. It should be easy!

    Offer massive golds rubies money etc in one part of the desert, when billions flock to the greed, trap em all there and don't let em leave.

    The non greedy ones can live.
  19. Can you at least elaborate your point a bit?

    My point is very much valid, if we had more people who were willing and able and show initiative like les stroud and try to live within their means, and leave a small carbon footprint that ive pointed out in my previous responce, Im pretty sure we can co-inhabit this planet with relatively few problems,,,,

    You dont have to agree with me, but my point is valid nonetheless

    good day
  20. The conspiracy theory is pretty idiotic, but the idea of reducing the global population to improve the standards of living for everyone is not a bad one.

    We are far too overcrowded in this world, if the population was cut by 90%, we'd still have plenty of people around, but the strain on natural resources and animal life would vanish and the world would be a much better place to live in. Plus, crime and other shitty aspects of city life would vanish because of the reduced strain on resources.

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