Console gaming or pc gaming?

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  1. Ok I currently have a 360 but thinking of getting a pc instead

    Basically I want it for gaming have iPad for web browsing etc etc so just to keep it down to gaming alone

    What's more active. More social etc

    Thanks I'd advance
  2. i can almost guarantee you would like pc gaming better but it has a smaller community depending on the games you play.

    xbox would be social only if you have friends that play because otherwise all game lobbys are dead from people being in partys but if you dont have friends that play, pc would be more social
  3. PC gaming all day, son.

    I basically do what you're thinking of doing. I built my own desktop and bought an Ipad for browsing the web portably (Watching porn in bed) when my laptop died.

    I havent so much as turned the xbox and ps3 on. Having consoles is good if an exclusive comes out that you're interested in that is not available on PC and that's it IMO.

    On PC the games are cheaper, older games actually have people in the lobbies, friendlier community, mods and far better exclusives titles and graphics. Most of all though, you aren't just limited to gaming and netflix with a PC.

    The list goes on but I would highly recommend PC over Xbox.
  4. Yup, I recently built a PC and haven't touched my PS3 since. :p Having a laptop/tablet as well is cool, because you still get that freedom to chill on a couch/bed/whatever and browse the web.

    If you prefer a controller, I think most (all?) cross-platform games support controllers on PC.
  5. Console, just don't have a TV at the moment to play. :(
  6. Both.
    For a start they both have their exclusives, and some games tend to be better played online with consoles (sports games for example).
    Most of the time I go for PC though.
  7. PC is better in every way except three that i can think of.

    Smaller communities, more expensive, and (from my experience at least) parts can stop working for no reason.

    If you decide to go pc, build you own. Parts manufacturers literally design them like legos.

  8. I don't have the cash to drop on a real gaming desktop, but even on my mediocre hp I get TONS of entertainment value out of portal, minecraft, and other less graphics-intensive games. I still have (and use) my 360 pretty frequently, and that's mainly because I usually have enough friends on to make a full party in halo/cod. At one point, my xbox was skyrim only territory, but that's only because my computer couldn't handle it. They are NOT mutually exclusive, but most of my friends who built their own desktops spend more of their time on it than their console, which is 100% understandable.
  9. I see when you say smaller community is it much smaller. What about competitive wise etc tbh I mainly play cod and FIFA. Will obviously get the new gta. :)

  10. Shooters tend to have a long lasting community of competitive players. If you wanted to go back and play mw2 or cod4 there will be a smaller community compared to something like blops2 but its far more competitive seeing as these are the players that stuck with the one game.

    Sports gaming is always better on a console though
  11. this is like trying to choose between this


    and this


    sure they both do the same thing at a very basic level and there may be some benefits to the first one but....
  12. FIFA 13 for example may look slightly better on console, because of the limited graphics options on PC, but as far as functionality it's the same thing when I attach my PS3 controller.
  13. I've got an Xbox and around 30 games on it...

    Every few months, I'll pull it out and play it, and then in a week I'm bored again because in comparison to the things you can do on your PC, it's just not as entertaining.

    I mean, most console games you can play on your PC, all you have to do is plug a controller in and download the game (or you can use Steam, if you have no idea how to pirate.)

    If you're looking for huge social gaming, I wouldn't stick to FPSs forever, because you probably won't find it o_O But there are hundreds of different MMORPGs and communities out there.

    I wouldn't sell my Xbox360 by choice, just because the experience is different and the nostalgia of playing older games on the console they're designed for is always nice, but I'd part with it far sooner than I'd sell my computer.

    There are benefits to both, but... well, my computer can do a lot more in general, and I can't imagine not having one o_o
  14. im thinking about building my own gaming pc, cant decide between that or buying one. for building i would literally have no idea what im doing or where to start. im thinking watching the newegg tutorial would help me build one? and does newegg have all the parts you need? and how much does buying all the parts and doing this cost as opposed to just buying a good gaming computer already made?

    i want it to be like a high quality gaming pc but not a tricked out super machine
  15. Have been torn between console and PC since i played a game called 7th guest on PC when i was really young. Both offer much fun times to be had
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    Word, son. I can dig it. It's like racing games. They're still good on a PC all you need is a controller. I mean't more or less that there isn't as large a community for sports games on a PC than there is on Xbox/Ps3.

    That said I was speaking strictly on a speculative level as I dont play sports games. So I could be totally wrong.

    An even better idea would be to go into a local computer parts store if you have one. If you give them a basic idea what you want in a PC and your general price range they will tell you the which parts are best in your price range and for like $50 they will build it for you.

    As for the cost it is much cheaper to build your own PC.

    You can also check out where you can build a PC online/buy parts and shit. is also a great resource for learning.
  17. Now that's definitely a good point. I can only speak for FIFA 13, there's definitely a large PC online base for that.
  18. It's definitely pc gaming for me. I grew up with consoles, NES and SNES. But what really got me hooked on pc gaming was the original diablo back in the 90s. I have so many great memories of pc gaming that the console just can't compare. Playing with friends in Tristram and staying up all night on a school night. Good stuff.

    Last year I built my own pc, for the first time. Was a lot easier than people think and I only spent around 600. I've yet to find a game that I cannot run and most games are maxed out graphics. About the only time I end up back on console is for gears of war or halo releases.
  19. i love my xbox 360 but if the next console sucks im going to build a pc. i just dont see the next xbox lasting as long as the 360 did . i see it getting outdated pretty quick

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