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  1. Am thinking about getting a Starlink for internet access here. Just seeking any info or thoughts on the subject. $599 initial cost, and $110/month for service. I'm paying $80/month for shitty spectrum service at the moment, so $30 extra might be worth it. Not actually available locally for a few more months so no big rush, just gathering any thoughts or info. Youtube reviews seem to be mixed. The home unit seems more popular than the mobile/camping version. Any thoughts appreciated.
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  2. IMO: ask your current ipo what they are gonna offer you to stay, send them the link to this thread, will shuffle his shoes in your direction, most of theses 'services' are operating on a shoestring, here today but tomorrow is another bank statement

    good luck
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  3. So what your saying is you have ever owned one then .
  4. Super reliable works everywhere even if its snowing. super fast internet.
    Sets up in a heart beat, user friendly ... two thumbs up from someone who owns one .
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  5. My current one has been getting worse instead of better. My area gets the oldest equipment according to the techs. Support can actually cost extra sometimes. Just overall getting to be a pain in the ass. Had a modem, stopped working. Gave me another. That stopped after a month also. Now I have a router and a modem and worse than ever, tbh. No other provider in the area, so am seriously considering Starlink. I'm in the middle of the "coverage coming soon" area, so not even an option at the moment, but it is supposed to be here fairly soon. Also something about possible data caps, or limiting is in the news, so still gotta do some research.
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  6. I use mine for my 5th wheel. allot of places I go doesn't have cell phone reception.
    My girlfriend is a writer for a news paper, without the Star Link She couldn't travel with me.
    Its a month to month, I buy the service only when I am traveling and I always camp off grid.
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  7. The most important thing to understand with starlink is that it fluctuates with demand. That is the only major drawback I've heard from anyone. I know several sailors who have nothing bad to say, because in the middle of the ocean you are the only one demanding. This vid gives a good overview.
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  8. it be rude to talk about me, Im saying phone them up , complain then negotiate
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  9. Never tried mine in the ocean! I dont think mine works moving.... Pretty sure that is said in the owners manual;
    My guess is that is why Star link doesn't work on the ocean.
    So far I haven't had any issues getting a signal mine, zero's in like in a minute or two,
    This coming summer I plan on traveling from spring to fall, I would be the lone ranger without Internet access.
    We would be force to being in a paid RV like trailer park . To me that's not a option .
    Star link has a heater so if it snows you still get a good signal.
    Some places I go for the best fishing is while the water is still cold and it snows at times.

    My dogged chewed the cord into,, 100 bucks and wal mart had one .
    Nevada has more mountain ranges then any of the lower 48 states,, So far no issues but I am pulling a 32 ft trailer and a boat, so i stay out of some tight places. be my first year pulling doubles with a pick up truck.
    I am only 20200613_135906 (1).jpg allowed into 8 or 9 of all the state parks Here in Nevada, 11 state parks my trailer is two long .
    Allot of state parks have a 24 to 26 ft trailer restriction.

    I mainly do the state and national parks and off gride.
    I have four 300.00$ deep cycle 12 volt batteries and like a 3000.00$ Honda 3000 watt generator, that is super quiet.
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  10. Your right ,, sorry.... My friend my comment was rude ..
    You own a Star link and have had a issue ?
    I have had zero issues with mine . I get the roaming plan/package.
    I bought mine because my best friend who works on a ranch has one.
    Only issue he had was the same as me his German shepherd chewd his cord into like my german shepherd did.
    Go figure.
    Sorry for my comment really
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  11. I have one at my 'get away' cabin which is really really far far away from the main road where the utilities stop. They work really well except during the heaviest of rain storms and are worth whatever you have to pay. I have DISH and all it takes is a good stiff wind to interrupt service. So my cabin is very rustic and I get outstanding internet, my home, in town, is awful...
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  12. its a point in the vid here about the roaming extra they offer and those of fixed address's of being served' first,
    so you can get extra hassle not being on the roaming extra offer, but will still suffer in the rain lol
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  13. That is not the experience my friend and I have had . not even slightly.
    No issues no phone calls. I get the roaming package my friend doesn't.
    I use mine only when i am traveling my friends is full time.
    I asked him today . He said twenty months and zero problems .
    I have no reason not to believe you, our experience with the star link seems to differ allot .
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  14. this is true starlink in europe ain't so popular unless you are in Ukraine
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  15. Where is Saint Duck from ?
  16. O-High-O. Flyover country according to most.
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  17. I go through spectrum, I call every year and they reset my rate to what new customers pay, so like $75 compared to $120 or so. If it weren't for that I might consider starlink, tho I have heard they tend to raise their prices quite often? Good luck with whatever you decide!
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  18. Star link might have forum you could view.
    I give mine two thumbs up where i live and travel too.
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  19. I've had good experience with Starlink for the most part, they did impose 1 TB monthly soft cap recently. If you go over 1 TB you will pay a fee for every additional GB. A lot of people aren't if a fan of this, including me. If you download between 11pm and 7am though, it wont count towards your monthly data soft cap. If your a gamer set your larger downloads and automatic updates for nighttime and if you have a family consider bandwidth limits on devices. The speeds compared to my local internet provider are a lot better. On my old ISP I couldn't do any competitive online gaming, unless it was turn based. Now me and my brother can play games at the same time, while one other device is streaming. That seems about the limit of what I can do before there is a bandwidth tug of war between devices. Definitely an improvement though and am happy with the upgrade. Elon Musk is sky daddy.
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