Consequences for being high at school or other school events?

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  1. So I have a question, I've been trying to find answers on the interwebs and other places but I haven't gotten an answer that really answers my question. Anyways my question is what are the actual consequences for going to school high? Can you get suspended or expelled, even if you don't have possession of marijuana or anything? Same thing goes for football games, basketball games etc. If someone working a booth notices your eyes can they contact the police man thats standing somewhere? Let me know
  2. Let it be known that while on school property, you're their bitch.
    They can literally do just about anything they want, and you cannot do anything about it.

    Legally, being high is not illegal. Although if you're driving, they could get you for DUI.

    If your eyes are red, and someone pesters you about being high, just deny it.
    Never give yourself up, deny deny deny.
  3. if you do manage to get caught my school usually threatened expulsion if it happened again and give you like 3 days in school suspension. depends on the school and your area as well mine was cherry creek school district they are pretty strict on that bs. but like said above just always deny your high most cases no one will know. that where i lucked out my eyes are literally always red from florescent lighting which school are full of so even when not high it looked like i was so i never got accused woo who only my friends got busted.
  4. Usually a few days suspension just ask somebody at your school who has been busted.
  5. Make absolutely sure that you have nothing illegal in your possession (on your person, in your car, in your locker, in your backpack, etc).
  6. Nothing, really, as long as you don't have anything on you and you don't admit it.

    My senior year, on April 20th, a kid was obviously high, and admitted it to a teacher. He got suspended for 3 days. I wanted 3 days out of school so I went to the office and turned myself in and I was told to go back to class. Go figure. :smoke:
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  7. just ask your principal, ' yo prince, if im high..."
  8. IDK what the actual repercussions are but if you don't give people a reason to believe your high then nobody will know
  9. suspension for about a school week is all that happens at my school (a good public school). my class president actually got busted. impeached him and gae him 5 days. you're good in public even if people know you're baked out of your mind (which usually they dont, its all in your head). but when they know, they just look at me funny or in disgust. upon realizing how stupid it is to care what those fuckers think i usually start laughing uncontrollably.
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    Back in high school one of my good friends was busted for being high in some after school jazz band thing and he got suspended for two weeks and sent to some "rehabilitation" classes like once a week for a month.

    This was 4 or 5 years ago in Canada.
  11. Just never admit youre high and they cant do shit. they cant breathylizer you for weed intoxication levels.
  12. the teachers blow my high completely away
  13. For me, the consequences for being high at school were

    - Got reputation (good or bad, I don't know)
    - Got cool friends
    - Got hot chicks
    - Got low grades
    - Had great time.

    But for you, the consequences for being high at school might be

    - Paranoia
    - Fucked up situation
    - May be even get expelled.

    So... I advise you get stoned in your dorm for at least another 6 months before you start exploring the school ground stoned.
  14. it becomes interesting and fun instead of depressing and miserable. that was my general experience anyway

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