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Connection with nature

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. (I just saw a thread about a connection with animals and it reminded me of this, and I've been meaning to post this on GC, sorry for the copy-cat-attack. :p)

    Does anyone else ever feel like they're more aware of nature when they're high? When I get high, it feels like trees are our ancient ancestors in time, that watch over us, and every plant is alive. They're all really happy plants too, and each leaf has new meanings. Does anyone else feel something like this? Like a strong connection to nature?

    I've always been kind of a tree hugger my whole life, so idk if it's just me or not. None of my friends have talked about it.
  2. Wow, maybe I am by myself in this subject. Hope I'm not crazy! lol
  3. not with weed. other drugs? yes.
  4. The first time I smoked in 2 years I did
  5. Nah OP, I used to kind of feel that way when I started smoking, but not anymore.

    But I know what you mean! Hopefully when I try some unmentionables I can feel that way.;)
  6. I've been smoking for four years... so if I'm seeing what other people see on unmentionables, I wonder what I would see on them!! I would think I was a malnourished leprechaun who's life goal was to deliver marshmallows to satan in a rainbow tugboat. Best it is I suppose to just stick to weed.
  7. Idk about connecting exactly with nature but i smoked on top of some cool caves i was smoking about a dime in a blunt and nature seemed more peaceful and relaxing plus the view was awesome.
  8. No, you're not crazy at all! I actually posted a thread like this awhile back. I've had a deep connection with nature my whole life, something about it, I'm just connected to it in such a profound way.

    I don't know how I can say this without sounding crazy, but it honestly teaches me things. Not in the rational sense though. After being in nature or when I'm in nature, it seems like I absorb this new vague knowledge that I can't explain.

    Glad to see that there are more people like this out there though :smoke:

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