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Discussion in 'General' started by -worn, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hey all!

    New to the boards and for the last few weeks I have been trying my best to find people in San Francisco. Maybe I will have better luck here! I am not looking for just any type of people... I am looking for tokers! I moved here last year from philadelphia and just cannot live without a steady group of people I can call smoke buddies..

    So I am calling out to anyone who is of the younger generation(im 22), interested in toking up with new people or just trying to connect(makes life easier), or people who just wanna meet up every now and then, get effin baked - hit a bar, hit a concert, surf the web for funny stuff ...hmm...walk around? ANYTHING! Just looking for people who enjoy life, and their high, and maybe want a good conversation while doing that..:smoking:

    I am just bored! isn't there anyone else in this city who is bored too? We can toke it up and discuss :smoking:

    Anyways, hit me up... reply here.. PM wtvr! Just lookin to connect and if you are ever in the pac heights area and you see someone roamin the park late at night .. say high

  2. I smell bacon!
  3. Is this a personal ad? You been in frisco for a year and can't find a connect?
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    There is a difference between someone who just slings to me and someone who I converse with, and decide to contact regularly, usually its called a friend.

    If you think anyone in their right mind would have a hard time finding mj in frisco you obviously have never been to the haight.

    I am sorry if I maybe don't have the perfect "weed" etiquette but as I new to the boards.. was just surfing, found it, and couldn't wait to try and finally find some other stoners who don't just sit on their ass all day... that a crime? I hate narcs just as much as the next guy, I was pulled over on my way back from the dispensary by ccsf literally last week.. they just like hassling people who enjoy having a good time, I don't.
  5. God damn. I had more typed up for this, but that just about sums this picture up.:smoking:
  6. No one calls it "frisco"
  7. sue me for being born outside of San Francisco what shall the world do with just "frisco" oh noeeeeeeeeeee


    oh noooooooooo:wave::smoking:
  8. i dont trust it. hes a pig
    look at theb evidence...... he types way to much =] hehe

  9. someone who types alot on the internet, what a shocker.

    free time and a keyboard fella.
  10. make friends off the web homie.

    its better that way.. shit go to Haight and do your thang down there and meet some new people..thats your best option.

    but hey,if you were up North this way id kickit with you, as lock as you bought me a burger from Zippys.:D:wave::wave:
  11. good looks - yea haight is all good but too many narcs running around there lately. I been hearing bad things about the area.. trying my luck online - but lookit here..people think im a narc. I don't hate, just wish there were easier ways to find my smokers
  12. no matter how you approach it, online you will look like a pig. no way around it..

    good luck though mayne, remember..smokin alone isnt a bad thing.
    im doing it right now.
  13. Yea, as long as your online, your neutral, and neutral is not something a stoner wants to be a part of. I am already effin paranoid enough as it is...add worrying about a narc to the equation and my high is already snuffed out.

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