Conkers Bad Fur Day

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  1. what a great game. especially if you played multi player mode with a bunch of your stoned friends.
  2. I remember playing this game a while back. Most people only remember how "adult" it was, but it was actually a pretty solid game with good graphics and controls.
  3. I was addicted to that game when it came out. The gore was amazing, the game was hilarious and the multiplayer never got old.

    I still get it out once in a while and play "beach" with the sniper rifle

    Never played the xbox remake, I heard it was crap.
  4. The multiplayer was very fun.
  5. the remake was primo.
  6. God, I miss that game so much, but my N64 is fucked and it's impossible to find one in good condition, except on the internet, but I hate buying stuff online. I mostly played it for the war-level of the multiplayer in that canyon-like area and the chemical warfare and shit. Good times, man.
  7. I loved playing that on multiplayer and just rushing around with the chainsaw mowing bitches down. I think I will play a round for you tonight. :smoke:

  8. Xbox?
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    Lol, you have no idea how much of an impact this game had on my childhood haha. Yeah i used to play that shit constantly, beat the one player, and me and all my friends used to play that shit like mad. Just do the war, and get a samurai sword and start cuttin fools down:cool:

    TORIA! SAYA!!! (Words of squirrel/teddy using the samurai sword as their cutting someones head off)

    I also used to play beach a lot, and all sorts of shit. Just a well rounded game. Like the dude up there said, it had a good story line, was fun, funny, and had great graphics and controls for a nintendo game.

    lol or sometimes id do one player multi player and put myself against like 20 teddys with a semi low intelligence. And just take um all out.

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