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Congratulations Sensimil!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. You passed your test!!!! WOO HOO!!!

    I had to make you a Congrats post, girl!!!! Love ya!

    :::doing the happy-for-Sensi dance:::
  2. YES!
    well, *you* know you rock RMJL :) thank you soooooooo much...

    god I was a mess for the last few days but now, its smooooth sailing. and you all know how I like things when they are smoooooth! lol ;)

    anyway! thanks for you guys that did help me with your advice and talk along the way, Ive never had to go through that before and it was scary for me....
    I feel violated!
    one day, I just hope all this goes away, no need to get flipped turned upside down about a stupid drug test..
    but YES! so my job is set for the summer! and I cannot wait! nothing can stop me now!


    ::dancing my ass off!::
  3. Congrats on the test!! :D
  4. Good Job! I hate piss tests
  5. its kinda like takin a pregnancy test and finding it negative:D
    *flashes ya a peace sign,.. en exhales*

  6. word... good job..... hopefully this should be the only one you'll have to pass..... Hope the job is fun and profitable for ya.....
  7. Hell yea!!!! Thats what I like to hear! I'll smoke some extra for you !!!!!
  8. congrats on passing. i remember reading the thread... but forgot if i responded or not. hope you have fun at your summer job :)
  9. w00t, congrats ;)

    piss tests are evil. ya have to say clean for a few weeks, n drink tons of water etc. no fun :p
  10. im never taking a piss test in my entire life... no matter what.
  11. thanks all you sweethearts!
    digit, I wish I could say that and hold true to it...damn the man!
    I celebrated wildly with some drinks with the new girlyfriend and then with just the girlyfriend :D whew what a relief! im starting the job tomorrow bright and early...cant wait! first day! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    zia, I couldnt get any detox stuff..totally illegal to buy in and ship to nj. you know the only good thing here is the fact that we dont have to pump our own gas. very nice when its rainy. I could really care less about that, so I guess if it werent for the beaches, Id probably be somewhere where I can afford car insurance!! (by the coast, of course! )
    anyway, madre thinks it cool that I stay clean for a while. its funny cause I was so crazy about all this, I told her I was smoking and I think I may not actually became something we bonded over..:) so it really turned out all good. that and a few grey hairs at 23. but we'll see about that staying clean far as I know they dont randomly drug test..soooooooooooooooo :D
    lol, higha, I couldnt exaclty tell yea how a pregnancy test would make yea feel..but I would think the same crazy, good thing I dont have to worry bout that too ;)
    Im off! to a wonderful tuesday night!

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