Confusion about Joint Measurements

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  1. Hello,

    Well as I'm waiting for clarification via a ticket, I did some research and I believe I've made a really bad mistake.

    When grasscity says 14.4 > 18.8 for a downstem does it mean this;

    \ / <--- 14.4
    # <--- 18.8

    or do they mean the opposite?

    For some reason the symbol ">" made me think that the number on the left was the female end, and the number of the right was male end.

    I'm pretty sure I just screwed myself, since I have none of my bongs have a 14.4 connection... D:

    Unless someone here can explain that I'm wrong... please.

  2. Yeah the first number is always the slide joint size, the second is the ground joint on the bong itself.
  3. OK, so it'll be like the "drawing" I just did?

    I'd be so unhappy if it can't fit my bong... which has a 18.8mm joint.
  4. yeah just like your drawing, the main thing you need to worry about is the length itself. Hope it's not too long or too short
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    Thank for the reply my friend. Although, I few search on other posts seem to perhaps point in the other direction. but those are about Bong joints, and not the downstem.

    I'm hoping the difference lies there.

    As for the lenght, I'm good it's the same lengt as the one that came with the bong itself. Although I got it .5 cm longer, for I found it was a little short to begin with.

    In any case, I can just cross my fingers at this point. It might get here this week, so we'll see just how it goes. Joint sizes should be very clearly shown, male/female or top/bottom.

    Thanks again!


    I hope the people in this thread are wrong, or else I just bought a 'decorative' Diffuser downstem with a 14.4 Bong joint =(
  6. yeah bro, the bong joint is the second number in a downstem measurement just like I said. Just read your link and I don't see your concern. Isn't the joint on your piece 18mm? If you are trying to use an 18mm slide with it you need an 18/18 not a 14/18
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    Basically, I got the 8 arm perc from Black Leaf, which is 14.4, but my bong is a 18.8. So I got an EHLE 14 > 18 diffuser downstem, as an "adapter". (Although from what I read it comes with an adapter already. But I wanted a diffused downstem anyways.

    It's just that if I had mixed up the joint measurement, I'd end up with a 14.4 bong joint, and a 18.8 "bowl" end.

    So yeah, I have a 18.8 Bong, that "wants" to connect to the 14.4 Perc.

    Quoting a similar answer I saw:

    "if you get an 18.8>14.5 downstem then you would need to get a 14.5 bowl."

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