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  1. Alright, I know a lot of female members are going to disagree, but why are girls so confusing? Why do they always send out mixed messages? I am 18 and I still havent quite figured them out. Is this something guys get by the time they are 30 or is it always a mystery? :devious:
  2. I'm a guy, and I find everyone confusing. I actually relate more to girls if anything, but I won't get in to specifics... But people are a mystery - Don't ever expect to figure anyone out.

    Also, when did this section come out? pretty cool! I think i'll be coming around a lot more now!
  3. I'm wondering the same thing! Girls always change up on me. I usually have a good thing going for a week or so, it's all "I like you a lot" and she says cute things to me all the time, then the next day she's into some other guy and doesn't even talk to me. :( This sucks...
  4. they cant stand us nice guys. apparently we need to be the "alpha male" for them to not put us in the friend category.
  5. Yeah.. I'm the type of guy who hangs out with girls more than guys, girls apparantly see me as attractive but it just never seems to work out relationship wise.

    And it really bugs me when I see guys who are widely known to be complete assholes and hardly have any respect for women get girls.. then end up leaving them right after a fuck, and go and do the same thing over and over.
  6. Girls are fucking confusing.

    They will always be confusing.

    All of them are confusing.

    They always have been confusing.

    This will not change in our lifetime.

    *Present company included
  7. I agree with Opivy. No one makes any damn sense.
  8. Public Service Announcement: Most girls suck anyways. =p
    Don't waste your time on the wishy-washy ones.
  9. god ain't this the fucking truth.

    my last two relationships have ended with me getting dumped.. then they go out with an asshole and complain that he treats her like shit to her best friends.. go figure

    like my father once told me after i called him with female problems: "son, if you could figure out females, write a book and you'd be rich"
  10. ^^ nice advise indeed...

    thankfully I'm with a nice guy now..It took me a while to find him though..but they are rare you know..
    i had jerks as boyfriends and they didnt even worth to be called boyfriends.I'm not replacing my nice guy with anyone now..:)

    just my 5 cents,
    as for the rest yeah..girls tend to go with jerks but nice guys aint common you know?

    plus..we dont get you too sometimes..ok?^_^
  11. ^^ yeah thanks..

    I'm with a woman now (no girl, this one) who can actually appreciate a nicer guy. So I'm holding my breath that everything works out ok
  12. I'd say i'm pretty straight forward, but like most girls on GC, im not like most girls:p
  13. i was just sitting here reading through this thread and i might have figured it out. girls like the assholes because the assholes are dominant males. girls (in general, a few of you as exceptions) like dominant males, but there rarely is a nice dominant male. I am working on becoming one of these guys who is nice and can actually be attractive.
  14. qft!!

    we are a rare breed.......


    its all the cannibus consumption
  15. dude. exactly. every single girl i know wants a muscled up prettyboy for a boyfriend. personality doesnt even pop up on the radar.
  16. and why are guys so simple? it's the way of life. learn it or die! seriously. haha
  17. QFT,
    you speak the truth. learn to be an asshole or you wont get laid :devious:
  18. :confused:<me when i first witnessed a "crymax"
  19. a crymax lol. when immediately after the peak of sex a girl starts to cry/sob.

    the first time this happened i thought i fucked up big was like trying to ask a little kid whats wrong, but through heavy sobbing she told me she was happy lol.

    do guys ever do this? i guess i just assumed its only girls since i've never had a friend come up to me like dude i was plowing sara and all of a sudden i was overcome with emotion and had to cry.

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